5 Outfit Ideas from Men’s Fashion Week in Milan

Phil Oh Menswear 2017 Vogue Man Repeller Feature final

What are you wearing today? I, for one, opted for a silk button-down, track pants and kitten heels. I felt pretty decent until Instagram reminded me that there is a lot of stuff happening outside of my microcosm right now, least not being the soon-to-end Milan Mens’ Fashion Week (and, uh, the soon-to-start inauguration that Black Mirror nightmares are made from! But we don’t have to go there yet). So I think I’m going to go home and change, or at least cogitate about wearing the following five outfits in some permutation.

MSGM Fall '17 Menswear

We will start with this look STRAIGHT OFF THE RUNWAY from MSGM. High-waist cropped jeans (check!), white socks (check again!), loafers and a half-zip already languish in my closet. Missing is the windbreaker-cum-puffer coat, but hey, that’s what the Internet is for. Most exciting and impressive about this dressing cue is the silk scarf worn as hair covering. The juxtaposition of sporty, sleek, kind of cool in that dad-from-New-Jersey way and otherwise ornate and classic satisfies the exact high/low I consistently pursue.

via Style Du Monde

Next up is this photo, from the street (and Style du Monde), where figure A (left) essentially wears a version of the first outfit idea and figure B makes a case for the combination of multiple exotic skins, red bandana silk and a beret that does not read “asshole.”

You should take the hat, the bandana and the loafers but leave whatever doesn’t work-4-you.

Balenciaga Fall '17 Menswear

Now here we are at solution C from Demna Gvasalia’s Balenciaga, which seemed to be one long ode to Bernie Sanders.

Even the velvet pants? Take the big-ass scarf and the even bigger coat, try for velvet track pants (but if they’re not velvet, that’s totally fine too) and then ask yourself: is that a Balenciaga shopping bag, or will it be a $3,000 handbag in four months?

via Style du Monde

Back on the street, art imitates life or whatever with Yoyo Lu’s track pants and pink satin Balenciaga boots from Fall 2016. You’ll want to take the fancy shoes (but really, they should be kitten heels) and track pants and add whatever kind of coat you’d like. I’m going to go for a trench.

And finally:

Phil Oh Menswear 2017 Vogue Man Repeller Feature final

This isn’t an outfit idea so much as it is an attitude idea. That attitude being, you do you and I’ll do (fuschia cravat, turquoise sweater) me (undone belt).

Photos via Vogue Runway, Phil Oh for Vogue and Style du Monde.

Leandra M. Cohen

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