In Milan, All the Cool Kids Wear Glasses

As I looked through the street style offerings from Milan Fashion Week, two words materialized in my mind: “Okay eyewear!” Imagine me saying that like I’m Amanda Seales explaining how Black femmes compliment each other by putting “Okay!” in front of an observation, which, in my professional opinion, is accurate. I observed lots of ill eyewear looks: from small spectacles to big sunglasses to a lensless pair that only seems to function as a face mantle upon which to hang tiny dangling stars.

Other observations I made are that shades of purple seem to be having a moment, as well as all earth tones in the adobe color palette from terra cotta to burnt sienna. (Shoutout to Crayola for allowing me that type of specificity.) But the greatest observation of all? That the attendees of Milan Fashion Week did not only show up, they showed out. Take a scroll through the below slideshow to see if you agree, and then meet me in the comments to tell me about your fave look. (I’m partial to 53. And 64. AND 65. And 69 too! They’re so good that I refuse to pick just one.)

Photos by Matthew Sperzel.

Emma Bracy

Emma is the Associate Editor at Man Repeller.

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