Trust Me, Try It: A Milk Frother to Elevate Our Attempts at a Morning Routine

Growing up my mum had a true obsession with kitchen gadgets. To this day I still have vivid memories of being dragged around John Lewis for hours on end specifically through the kitchenware sections. Isn’t this miniature frying pan so cute for one egg? We’re a family of 4, we’re never making just one egg. Look how non-stick this pan is! Huh? Aren’t these hot chocolate mugs so fun? Sure, I can get on board with that one. It goes on for another 10 years. It may have taken some time but I, of recent, have too caught the kitchen gadget bug. A few of my own prized culinary possessions now include an avocado scooper that both scoops and slices, a peeler that not only peels but spirilizes and the all-mighty nutribullet that needs no introduction. But my most recent acquisition has to be my favorite yet, it’s a milk frother.

It all started a couple months ago during a Team MR Trivia Night where the winning team had first dibs on a spread of prizes. From the get-go, I had my eyes on the milk frother. I’m not sure why—it just looked fun. My all-star team—namely Mallory, Amalie, and Gyan—were leading the charge. Did you know a cow has four stomachs? My team did!

The frother was well in my sights until the last round, when everyone had a chance to gamble all their points on one question “Is today Matthew McConaughey’s birthday?” it was (November 4th if you were wondering) and we got it right, but our bet was too conservative. We lost it all and came second. Haley (who was on the winning team and therefore got to pick prizes first) also wanted the milk frother but graciously left it for me to take, given how visibly (and audibly) excited about it I had been. What a gem. If I remember correctly she opted for an entire bag of Lucky Charm marshmallows instead. But Haley, text me back so I can confirm!

So now I had it in my possession and best believe I let it sit in a drawer in my kitchen for a good few months without use. But this month, as I’ve found myself increasingly indoors, it has really sprung into action. I started taking this powered prebiotic from The Nue Co (which btw has really transformed my stomach, but that’s a story for another day) and saw they recommended ordering a steamed milk at coffee shops and mixing it in to make a latte of sorts. Why not try it myself at home, I thought? Oat milk went in the microwave for a minute, in goes a teaspoon of the prebiotic powder with some light amber honey (whatever tickles your fancy) and out comes the milk frother. In seconds I had a delicious, dare I say extremely professional, prebiotic oat milk latte. Gosh I want to roll my eyes at myself reading that back.

There’s something extremely luxurious about frothed milk. It truly elevates your warm beverage of choice with just the touch of a button! It’s the barista feel without handing over $5+. And why stop at  frothing your milk or dairy alternatives? Why not froth your eggs for a fluffy omelette? Froth your salad dressings, your face creams, your cushions! I mean the things to froth are truly endless and there’s such minimal cleaning involved it doesn’t even need to be mentioned.

So there you have it, my ode to a milk frother. My final take is that while everything is weird and uncertain, adding the littlest bit of decadence to your morning beverage, achieved with the touch of a button, is something we all deserve right now. I look forward to hearing what concoctions you come up with!

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