What to Wear this Week: Miranda Levitt Wears Sunglasses on Gray Days

In today’s edition of What to Wear This Week, Miranda Levitt, sales director of Hesperios, breaks down the mechanics of what she wears when going out and why.

What do you think about when you get dressed in the morning?

Honestly, I care about being comfortable. In the winter, I’m always cold. I practice Ayruveda, which suggests drinking warming liquids and foods if you run cold. This helps, but no matter how much broth and coffee I consume, I’m still always cold. So I check the weather and go from there. If it’s freezing and sunny, I put on a skirt with tights, but if it’s raining or gray, I go for the coziest, warmest and often most unattractive pieces. Think thick wool socks.

What’s your theory on wearing sunglasses when it’s cold? You’re so good at it.

Sunglasses in general just tie together a look. They’re kind of a shield; they allow you to watch the world without having to engage with it. In the winter, when it starts getting dark at 4 p.m., I like a lighter lens like coke-bottle green or rose-colored.

Do the pieces you choose to wear aim to say anything specific?

I asked my friend what she thought of this question and she goes “You know, like what’s your vibe?” I kind of have the no-vibe vibe. Like one summer it was wacky middle school art teacher, and once it was prep school boy. For a while I was obsessed with Victorian clothing and there was a lot of velvet and high-neck blouses. I go through a lot of style evolutions. I’d like to think that says that I’m versatile and creative, but I think it mostly says I’m fickle.

What’s your foolproof styling trick?

SOCKS. I love socks. Is that a trick? I like the store Tabio and the Japanese brand Antipast. I have an extensive sock collection and it really helps, especially in winter, with styling.

The one garment that never lets you down?

I have these amazing amazing Lemaire trousers that I bought at the store in Paris. I went back to try them on three times. They were so long about a foot of fabric had to be cut off, but I finally bit the bullet and got them.

What item of clothing makes you feel most like yourself? Why?

Jeans. Blue jeans. Not like, Levi’s vintage mom jeans, those I can’t do. I’ve tried and it’s just not my thing. I buy raw APC jeans every two years or so and they wear in like a glove. I guess my love for them ties back to being fickle; jeans work with whatever mood I’m in. There’s a whole culture around denim because I think for most people, the perfect pair of jeans is the most coveted item in their wardrobe.

At what point in your life did you really start to come into your own in terms of personal style?

I don’t know if I’ve ever come to terms with my personal style and I don’t know if I ever will. It’s always evolving with the way I feel, with travels, with my growth as a woman. This year I decided I really wanted to just look more “together” which I’m sure has as much to do with my personal style as my personal goals. I stopped buying as much vintage, which was the majority of my closet before, and started focusing on investment pieces, getting things tailored to fit my body, being diligent about my dry cleaning, going to the dentist regularly. Basically, being an adult?

What are your favorite three places on the Internet to get inspired?

I spend a lot of time on Moda Operandi which is detrimental to my credit card but usually gets my brain-grapes going. Sometimes I just need to be reminded of things I already own by seeing something similar on the runway, a blog or a website.

I get a lot of inspiration from Man Repeller. Leandra has a way of wearing things seasonlessly which I envy. (I’m not an expert on layering!)

And I spiral on Instagram as I’m sure everyone does. I end up following more random chicks than brands just because I like their style. I try to pay attention to the runway shows and draw inspiration from there, but I’m more interested in what people are wearing in the real world.

Have you discovered any fashion brands lately? What are they if so?

I love the brand I work for, Hesperios. I’ve always loved knitwear because, like I said, I’m always freezing. Autumn, the designer, has figured out how to make full ensembles out of sweaters. I really love the brand Ellery. It’s been around for awhile now and it keeps getting better. Also, Magda Butrym, a Polish brand that is way out of my price range, mostly because the focus is on handcrafted garments which is rare and precious in the age of fast fashion. She makes beautiful pieces. I’m waiting for it to show up on TheRealReal.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve learned in the last week?

I’m not sure if this is the coolest, but I think it’s the most important. I just watched a documentary called HyperNormalisation about the infiltration and manipulation of large corporations in politics and government, how we ended up with a president like Trump and the role that the U.S. played in making the mess in the Middle East that we’re dealing with now.

Follow Miranda on Instagram @mirandalevitt. Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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