31-Year-Old Man Records His Spending For a Week, Is Horrified


My name’s John Jannuzzi, I’m 31 and live downtown in New York City. I work for the news, which is a really broad way of explaining what I do, but frankly there aren’t enough hours in the day. Anyway, when it comes to money, I’m not exactly the thriftiest of individuals. It’s not like I live beyond my means, but oftentimes my more indulgent side gets the better of me. What can ya do?


Already, I can see my creature comforts are wreaking havoc on my savings. My gym membership came through particularly late this month since the previous card it was under was stolen. That was an unpleasant surprise if there ever was one. Speaking of the gym, if my girlfriend stays over at my place (fairly often), I stop to grab her coffee on the way back to the apartment since I keep no such thing in my house. (That’s an additional caffeine expense to my own Starbucks addiction.)

And then, whoop! My monthly donation to Planned Parenthood kicked in. It’s not much, but you know, everything counts. You can sign up here.


Ahhh, the sweet promise of the weekend where, no doubt, I will spend riotously without the wondrous glory of my office’s free cafeteria and snack situation. Today was actually pretty good, aside from the fact that I inexplicably woke up thinking of Saint Laurent’s Surf Sound collection and felt the need to buy a bleached shirt off Grailed. It’s okay. It’s fine. This is part of the whole SS17 vibe I’m feeling. And vibes, however ridiculous, must be obeyed.

You’ll also note that Sweetgreen is here again. This is basically my default lunch or dinner if I have no plans. It’s by my house, it’s delicious and I love salad. Oh my god do I love salad.


When I woke up, I discovered I was out of chocolate, which is unacceptable — how am I to create the perfect cookie without the perfect chocolate? So it was off to Gourmet Garage in the freezing cold, where I found not only chocolate, but the breakfast buffet, flour and other ingredients to mess with. I needed to make cookies for my friend’s 30th birthday that evening.

Every other Saturday, I head to Brooklyn to meet with my trainer to discuss what I’ll be working on in the gym for the next two weeks and check in on my form and progress and all that. And since it’s on Broadway and Wythe, it’s not exactly accessible. So it’s always a cab there and back, which is so financially reckless. I won’t blame you for the eye roll there.

Then it’s the usual Saturday stuff: a caffeine injection at Marlow & Sons after the gym, lunch at Sweetgreen, drinks and more food at Cafe Select. Oh, and I bought two tickets for Beauty and the Beast in advance. It’s apparently almost all sold out for opening weekend.


Sundays are so routine at my place. I grabbed Alex her usual coffee on my way back from the gym, and we order in breakfast from Murray’s Cheese while watching SNL. (FYI, their breakfast burrito is heaven in an oversized tortilla.) The night ends with an early dinner at Cherche Midi at the bar. Maybe a little extravagant on the food spending today, but food makes Sundays so much more digestible.


A thrifty day! No expenses beyond my own vices really: caffeine and big salads. I am pleased with myself. Perhaps too pleased. This should happen more often I guess.


It’s not that I don’t know how to do wash-and-fold laundry, but to drop your laundry and dry cleaning off in the morning and pick it up that evening is a singular joy.

The charges at that bakery will be reimbursed, thankfully. I tend to go big for office birthdays. It’s important to go big for those sorts of things. We got so many giant cookies, it was wonderful! After work, I also had drinks with my boss, which she picked up. What good fortune.

Dinner that night wasn’t too crazy, I had binged on Chex Mix and peanut M&Ms at the office earlier that day, so my appetite was low come dinner time. This is not a good financial strategy, though — you may save money but you will absolutely have a sugar high for a few hours and then a terrible comedown.


An almost carbon copy of Monday. A good note to end on, I think. Now I have to tally up how much I spent in these seven days. I’m not looking forward to that.

TOTAL: $896.94

It’s not like this every week, thank god. But damn. Have to go take a long hard look in the mirror. And maybe sell a ton of shit.

John Januzzi is the US Lead @TwitterMoments; follow him on Twitter @johnjanuzzi and Instagram @johnjanuzzi. Feature photo by Tory Rust; follow her on Instagram @toryrust.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

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