Monocycle: Episode 40, Am I Comfortable or Complacent?

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In case you have missed tuning into the monologues that occur inside the (membrane) walls that define my head, welcome back! Here we are! With a fresh new episode of Monocycle that outlines a recent question mark I’ve been shopping around — how different are comfort and complacency? Can they be regarded as one and the same? I ask because the details of my job description have changed with the introduction of a few key hires and for the first time since I launched Man Repeller, I feel like I have time. It is such a unique and profound luxury, but more and more I have been wondering whether I am adjusting appropriately to this newfangled time. Have I become more comfortable? Absolutely. But is that comfort bringing on this curious sense that I might be complacent — that is, uncritically satisfied with myself? Am I being too judgmental? Not judgmental enough?

Or is this just, like any other adjustment would require, a time of transition?


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Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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