Monocycle: Episode 35, Learning to be Content As Your Own Boss

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Dear reader,

I am sorry for taking you on a psychological roller coaster this week with Monocycle, but there is a lot of stuff on my mind right now! The least of which is how happiness feeds into whether or not you are a successful manager in the workplace and frankly whether or not all of the rhetoric that I spew in this podcast is ultimately telling of one universal and undeniable truth that I seemingly have no choice but to confront right here and now: Am I a self-sabotaging masochist, or what?

But the fact of the matter is, even if I am, if these long, windy roads that we drive through together provide at least something that resembles comfort for you (kind of the way they do for me), I’ll take it. Because that’s what sisterhood is all about, right?

If you’re confused about ^^^this shopping bar^^^, it’s a digitized version of traveling pants.

Get it?

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Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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