Monocycle: Episode 39, Doldrums at Paris Fashion Week

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Paris Fashion Week ended on Wednesday. I’m not entirely sure if the season felt quieter or less exciting than usual because I wasn’t there, but watching it unfold on social media and through the lens of the some of the critics who I most admire made me think about a lot of stuff. Stuff like…what actually comes first? A good collection or a good review (meaning, do the writers inform how we will feel about certain clothes, or can they speak for themselves?)

When the clothes are good enough to speak for themselves, do you ever feel that sense of just not…caring? What is that? Why do we feel that? What differentiates the designers who move the needle and inform the zeitgeist and those who just make really nice-looking clothes?

Or are we experiencing fashion fatigue? If we are, what should we do to combat it? We are definitely undergoing some version of a revolution in fashion, so maybe we just need a more positive perspective to lead the charge. It’s too soon to be so cynical, isn’t it?

Amelia makes a cameo in this episode and we definitely over intellectualize the whole damn thing (it’s what we do!) only to arrive at the simplest question of all: Did I just not feel it because I wasn’t there?

Find out by listening.

I’m Malcolm Gladwell and this is Revisionist History.

Just kidding. I’m Leandra.

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