Monocycle: Episode 44, Hi Again

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Hi ppl. I’m either sorry or really happy to acknowledge the lack of consistency with Monocycle lately (the apology or gratuity depends on entirely on how you feel about this podcast), but given the events of the past several weeks and the singular event that preceded the past several weeks, I have both been a fire breathing dragon and a severely sad human incapable of stringing together a sentence with my mouth (no problem with a keyboard, though!), but here we are. Back. Talking on the telephone only it’s not actually a phone, it’s an audio recording that you listen to and maybe speak back to even though I can’t hear you (unless you comment, in which case, I totally can).

This week’s episode is a sort of check in. It’s been two weeks since my pregnancy came to an end and I have been having a lot of conversations with myself, least not being the ones about:

+Interrupting self-deprecation

+Actually learning how to let go


+How to handle grief (I don’t know, I just talk about it)

+How to acknowledge how lucky you are if you don’t have an arsenal of weapons to handle grief by the age of 27 (means life has been pretty good to you)

+The fragility and consequent miracle of life

+How it is possible that by episode 44, I am *still* not Malcolm Gladwell

Hope you enjoy. It’s okay if you don’t, and happy Friday before the big fat holidays. What a wonderful time to be alive.

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