Peep What Everyone Wore to the MR Pop-Up Party

On Wednesday evening, while you were sleeping (JK, it was like 7 p.m.), we threw a real rager of a cocktail party to celebrate the opening of Man Repeller’s very own pop-up space in Canal Street Market. The first of its kind! There was a healthy mix of unhealthy snacks (we may or may not have Hoovered up those Maman hors d’oeuvres), wine in a can (duh), tellers of fortune (but seriously: tarot, palm, astrology, crystals…everyone was getting read for real), general good-spiritedness — all the essentials, really.

There were also a lot of party outfits. Which is a special kind of outfit because its express purpose is to incite and project F U N. Photographer Seher Sikandar did us the favor of shooting the party and capturing all the LQQKS. (I’ll warn you that most of team MR came straight from our office so please use your imagination to Photoshop several million sequins onto our bodies because that’s how we were feeling.)

Click through above to see the space, the party, the JOY ETC. and maybe even glean some outfit ideas for our forthcoming pop-up events, which you can hear about by signing up to be part of the MR community!

Special thanks to Bloome Rent, Jill Lindsey Wellness, Maman, Romona Wine Cooler and smartwater.

Photos by Seher Sikandar; check out her website here and follow her on Instagram @rehes.

Team Repeller

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