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Have you heard of the Man Repeller Writers Club? Every month we pose a story idea, you write about it and then send it to us ([email protected]) with the subject line “MR Writers Club.” We go through all submissions and post the winner on the first Saturday of every month. Ready? Let’s go.

The other day, I woke up to a crisp streak of sunlight streaming into my bedroom. Today will be a nice day, I thought, as I gingerly snuck out from under my sleeping girlfriend’s arm to get ready. I left my apartment sometime between 9:07 and 9:17 a.m. The morning seemed normal enough. I commenced my walk to the C-train.

When I reached the end of my block, I smiled at the old man across the street, as I always do. I took a left, walked four blocks, then reached the supermarket on the corner, as I always do. The music was playing, as it always is — a real “best of the 80s, 90s, and today” type radio station. “I wanna dance with somebody!” Whitney, may she rest in peace, blared at me from the speakers. A simple smile that crossed my lips. I was, in that moment, unusually happy.

And that’s when it happened: The sky, a crisp cerulean blue just seconds before, turned dark. The wind picked up, bringing a whole bunch of Brooklyn street detritus with it. A mini cyclone formed in front of me. Sand granules whipped at my ankles. My phone went berserk, and I braced myself for the “The World As You Know It Is Ending!!!!!!!!!” emergency message I was sure I was about to read.

But! That wasn’t the message I received at all. It was just an alert, reminding me to write this here Writers Club prompt. I chuckled at myself for thinking the worst and gave myself a hearty tsk tsk for forgetting my umbrella. The world wasn’t ending, but it sure was going to rain.

Which leads me to your guiding question for this month, dear writers: Have you ever thought the world was ending, but turns out that it was just gonna rain? Just kidding, don’t write 500 words on that, instead tell me a tale — any tale — with a twist ending. Surprise endings! Plot twists! That’s what this is! And that’s what I want you to flood my inbox with.

Send your stories, 500 words or less, featuring a plot twist of (hopefully) epic proportions to write [at] manrepeller dot com with the subject line “MR Writers Club” on or before April 25th. Please paste your submissions directly in the body of the email. Can’t wait to ride this roller coaster with you all. x

Photo by Ben Martin via Getty Images. 

Emma Bracy

Emma is the Associate Editor at Man Repeller.

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