Tomorrow Is a BIG DAY For Me

Tomorrow, and all the tomorrows after that, I’ll wake up refreshed instead of browsing on my phone for 30 minutes to prevent myself from falling back asleep. Tomorrow, I won’t get up at the last possible second and frantically rush to the office, feeling behind before I’ve even started. Tomorrow, I’ll arrive calmly, maybe even before everyone else arrives instead of dead last. Tomorrow, I’ll wear makeup and a carefully planned outfit instead of hurriedly throwing on whatever feels the warmest and most comfortable. Tomorrow I won’t drink copious amounts of coffee to stave off the tiredness because tomorrow, I won’t be tired.

When I get to work tomorrow, I’ll start being productive right away. I won’t need to “warm up” my brain by browsing all of the same websites I already browsed in bed because it’ll be ready to go. Tomorrow I won’t have to go to the coffee shop and inevitably buy a chocolate pastry because tomorrow, the coffee I make myself won’t taste like crap.

I will spend every minute in the office working efficiently tomorrow, completing the approximate five hours of actual work I do in five actual hours, instead of procrastinating and making five hours somehow drag into eight. After work, I’ll dive right into some exercise or socializing. I won’t renege on going for a run. I won’t breathe a sigh of relief when the friend I planned to meet cancels, leaving me free to lie around in comfortable clothing, ambling around the house, somehow allowing the hours to pass by neither relaxing nor achieving anything.

I will drink at least two liters of water tomorrow and eat at least five pieces of fruit and vegetables, starting with a big, nutritious breakfast, because I won’t feel nauseous and groggy due to lack of sleep tomorrow morning.

Because I’ll finish work on time tomorrow, I’ll run all my errands. I’ll take the clothes to the tailor. I’ll take my boots to the cobbler. I’ll get ahead and do my taxes in a calm, relaxed manner, not right before the deadline. Tomorrow I’ll sit down and plan out my meals and groceries for the week so I won’t waste precious minutes wandering the aisles every evening, tossing whatever the easiest option is into my basket. I definitely won’t buy snacks. I won’t drink alcohol, because I know alcohol gives me insomnia, which I will regret the tomorrow after tomorrow.

At a reasonable hour, I’ll get straight into the bed I made in the morning, in the silk pajamas I’ve somehow acquired by then. I don’t need to think about the next tomorrow because my lunch will be defrosting on the counter (batch cooking!) and I will have organized my bag. This will all happen by 11 p.m. at the latest. Of course, I will not look at any electronic devices for at least an hour before bed, and I will spray lavender on my (also silk) pillow.

I’ll need that beauty sleep. Tomorrow sounds exhausting. At least I don’t have to think about it today.

Photo by Arthur Elgort/Conde Nast/Contour via Getty Images.

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