I’ve Got a Plane Ticket to Bermuda With Your Name on It

In partnership with Bermuda Tourism Authority.

In the name of vicarious living, and as part of Man Repeller’s partnership with Bermuda Tourism Authority, we’re offering our readers the chance to experience Bermuda for themselves. Details about how to sign up below — but for the next few paragraphs, above the sign-up info, I’ll be using the space to talk about how much I love Bermuda.

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a feeling that you’re going to love a place before you’ve ever been to it, but that’s how I felt before I visited Bermuda. Before I arrived, I had a picture of the island in my mind. That picture was painted largely by my friend and Bermudian native Shiona Turini (who you may have met if you went to our Hotel Man Repeller x Bermuda Tourism Authority party — she was our honorary co-host), who told me stories about growing up by the water, the people of Bermuda and the culture. The vibe I got was that, when I did eventually visit, the island would feel like home no matter how long I planned to stay.

And it did. When I touched down in Bermuda for the first time, I clearly recall that before I picked up my suitcase, I was already scheming to book my next trip back. Within literal minutes of arrival (59, max — and that’s following one of the fastest up-and-down flight I’ve ever been on from JFK to anywhere outside of the city: about 90 minutes), I was set up at the beach with an umbrella and my laptop.

SOOOOOO close to the weekend. 📷: @ryanlampano

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^ This isn’t me, but it’s a near-exact replica of my situation. Difference is I was in a swimsuit while this person appears to be in khakis.

To each their own in Bermuda, though!

After that, a bunch of friends and I took these little motor boats out into the water to go snorkling. I know this sounds obvious, but have you ever looked underwater with goggles and the ability to breathe? Because it is truly mind-blowing. The fish community partake in a non-stop silent disco!

And on land, there was non-stop adventure, which is something I didn’t totally expect.

There were coves and caves to explore…

Beautiful drives with heart-stopping views that are best experienced by moped (even if you’re on the back — it counts!)…

A little drive down Harbour Road. #GoToBermuda

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And The Unfinished Church, which my friends and I spent a good hour in just absorbing the remains of architectural history.

There’s honestly so much to tell you about Bermuda that I am getting overwhelmed. If you go, you have to (for me, please!) make it a point to check out a few things:

Go see the Gombey Dancers who parade the streets during Harbor Nights…

Eat a fish sandwich…

AHHHHHHH I cannot express to you how badly I want to be eating that right now. (It’s on raisin bread and it’s SO GOOD. SOS. MY MOUTH IS WATERING.)

What else, what else?

Watch a sailboat go by (this will be easy); have a drink– either a Rum Swizzle or a Dark ‘n’ Stormy; attend or play a cricket game; make at least one friend (everyone is SO LOVELY AND FRIENDLY AND WILL HELP WITH DIRECTIONS); genuinely unplug, if you can (but if you can’t, bring your laptop to the beach, like I did); watch a sunset (sorry, I’m getting cheesy); watch a sunrise (I CAN’T HELP IT, OKAY?); stick your hand into the island’s famous pink sands and go, “Ahhhhhhhh” out loud because it feels like free therapy; match your outfits to the island homes’ rainbow paint colors; take a nap; take a new profile picture; try at least one water sport…

I can’t type anymore because I’m having heart palpitations about missing it so much. I’m telling you, I’ve only been once, but a piece of pink sand must have forever lodged itself in my heart or something.


Now let’s talk details to actually get you there!

The trip has to be taken Summer 2018, before this August ends. It’s for you and a friend/partner/mom of your choosing. Your flight and hotel accommodations for four days and three nights are included! And all you have to do is enter your name and email in the form below and wait until June to see if you’re one of the three randomly selected winners. See you in my daydreams…or in reality: It’s about to be Summer Friday season; I need to start looking at flights!

Learn more about Bermuda here!

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Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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