In partnership with The Volon

We Matched Our Nails to Our Bags Because Why Not

In partnership with The Volon.

Give me a bag that I can really hold on to. You know? Something textured, colorful. Tiny but not in the least bit insignificant. A box to hold treasures and hide important receipts (oh there it is!), to house candy and lipstick and a phone for those rare moments when I want to go technology-hands-free. I need a purse that I can accessorize just as much as the purse can accessorize me (if that makes any sense).

Volon Nails Matching Bags Man Repeller-36

What I mean is: Why not match your nail polish to your favorite bag? Raise your hand if you’ve ever selected a color in a panic — or because, just this once, you wanted to try something a little bit wild. You hand over the bottle like, “Do what you must” as though this were a medieval sacrifice, not a relaxing half-hour treat, succumbing to the fate that awaits you on the other side. Yes, it’s that serious. No, you don’t own nail polish remover at age 28, even though you swear you bought a bottle once.

Well no more of this! It’s ridiculous. Here’s how to remedy the stressful mess: Step 1) Grab your favorite purse, bag, clutch or holder of your treasures. We did this in partnership with The Volon, which meant geometric patterns and color-blocking. Step 2) Bring the bag to your nearest tiny-brushed artist (for us, that meant the women of Valley Nails). Step 3) Allow them to interpret it or use your discerning eye to select a color that coordinates.

It may seem old school to match your nails with your handbag, like something your grandma would have done, to which I say: exactly. But did your grandma’s bag look like that?

It did? She sounds awesome. Can I meet her? Or better yet, let’s all go get our nails done together.

In partnership with The Volon, follow on Instagram @TheVolon. Manicures by Valley Nails, follow on Instagram @valleynyc. Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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