Net-a-Porter’s Big Summer Sale Is So Good I’m Sweating

Net a porter sale may 2018 simon miller

Net-a-Porter’s big summer sale is probably my favorite sale of all the sales, and for good reason(s): 1) It only happens once a year and is thus highly anticipated; 2) it has TONS of good stuff, much of which I’ve been personally eyeing for the past six months; 3) it sells out really quickly, so it has that whole “thrill of the chase” element working for it; and 4) it always arrives at the ideal juncture at the end of May when the weather is finally warming up and the idea of injecting my wardrobe with a few more coveted, summery pieces — at a discount, no less — seems utterly fantastic.

When I heard that the sale had dropped this morning I immediately started scavenging the goods like a sweaty hyena (too much?) and shuffling things into the eager arms of my shopping cart at a breakneck speed. That’s the great thing about online shopping carts: They effectively allow you to entertain the notion of owning something without actually taking the monetary plunge. Take a peek at some of the stuff I’m entertaining below (organized by category because I may be a hyena but I’m an organized one), and meet me in the comments to discuss what YOU are sweating over.


I tend to dress quite feminine all year-round, but summertime is the season when that aspect of my personal style really gets to take center stage via brightly colored, dizzyingly patterned and frequently ruffled dresses. If I had to pick one of the above to officially welcome into my home, I would probably go for the pink-and-blue-striped STAUD maxi dress, not only because I’ve been pining after it since January but also because I have a strong desire to resemble a piece of candy, aesthetically speaking, from now until autumn.


I think I’m starting to warm up to off-the-shoulder tops again??? I think, i.e. I’m not positive and will certainly let you know. But frankly, this off-the-shoulder baby pink Caroline Constas top is calling my name at a very loud decibel. If I were to make an investment purchase in this category it would undoubtedly be the tiger-print Prada button-down. I also can’t stop looking at this Innika Choo linen top which is $90 (confirmed) and smells like a sea breeze (unconfirmed, but I would be willing to stake my writer’s license on it, if writer’s licenses were a thing).


These lavender J.Crew pants are SOMETHING, huh? I recall falling in love with them when I saw them in person at the J.Crew press preview when they were freshly born, and now look at them! All grown up and on sale for 30% off! I’m also highly interested in the Alexachung pink satin mini skirt, which seems like the perfect thing to wear with frothy white blouses and polo shirts and bikini tops all summer long. Oh, and I’m in the market for unusually-silhouetted shorts, a void these Tibi ones fill in spades.


I would really, really, really love to own all of these, if I’m being perfectly honest, and I am because I would never lie to you! Especially when it comes to PVC, which I can’t get enough of these days hence my hankering for these Giuseppe Zanotti slides and these Jimmy Choo mules. I also can’t get enough of comfort, though, which brings me to me irrepressible desire to own these Trademark pajama sandals. The MR by Man Repeller shoes are the cherry on top of this shoe-frenzied sundae, because sometimes you need your footwear to do the cha cha right alongside you.


Seahorses! Pearls! Turtles! Accessories are so fun right now. I hope it never ends. I also hope mint-chocolate-chip-ice-cream green becomes increasingly prevalent in the world of handbags, don’t you?


Feature photo by Edith Young. 

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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