Big News About The Crown, Simone Biles, and 4 Other Things I Got Excited About This Weekend

Simone Biles

A brand new week is upon us, which means it’s time to pause and reflect on the weekend just passed. Sometimes this means telling coworkers about your thrilling Sunday spent repotting houseplants. Sometimes it means forgetting everything you did and cobbling together a narrative when asked at the water cooler. Other days, like today, it means telling anyone who will listen about what you found and loved during your weekend Instagram scrolling sessions.

Here are five things that happily caught my attention on the app this weekend (including Monday morning because my brain was still very much in Sunday mode until approx 2:03 p.m.):

1. Olivia Colman Is Officially the Queen

As a fan of both The Crown and the family who inspired it, I’ve been waiting with bated breath for a glimpse of Olivia Colman as Elizabeth II. At last, Netflix delivered and never has a single glance been so thrilling. The countdown to the season three premiere on November 17th commences…right now.

2. Simone Biles Broke Another Record

Just in case you’d somehow temporarily forgotten that there’s practically nothing Simone Biles can’t do, this weekend at the U.S. Gymnastic Championships she became the first woman in the world to land a triple-double in competition. For those not familiar with gymnastics lingo, a triple-double is three full twists and two flips on the floor!!!

3. North West Dressed Herself

When I went to Japan I wore the same outfit almost every day: blue jeans, cashmere mockneck sweater, and a puffer jacket. Granted, it was winter and I was travelling with just a single backpack of belongings, but North West’s most recent outfits have made me realize what an opportunity I wasted, not dressing properly for vacation. North’s mom uploaded this wonderful outfit compilation featuring lace-trim track pants, many neon feathers, and a pair of fishnets that I would love to borrow one day pleaseandthankyouNorth.

4. This Fish Sauce Lamp Hit Me With an Instant “I Need That”

It’s not often that I venture into the discover feed but when I do, I rarely regret it. My fingers stopped in their scrolling-tracks when I spied this lamp. I immediately tapped through to discover a treasure trove of ceramics, inspired by the Asian-American pantry and a heavy dose of nostalgia.

5. This Paint Palette Is My August Outfit Inspiration

Though I have no plans in the near (or distant) future to paint any walls, doors, or floors, I still love following everyone’s favorite millennial paint brand, Backdrop, for their color palettes. I found this one particularly inspiring as it reminds me of the way I want to dress as summer slowly (and sadly) blends into fall: yellows that aren’t quite autumnal, creamy off-white neutrals, and blues to remind me there’s still the potential of numerous beach days in the next two months.

BONUS: A Tweet That Rocked Me to My Core

After almost a decade of working in an office, as a writer no less, I still feel stumped each time I get to the end of an email and need to decide how I want to sign off. Most days I go with a neutral-good “best”, other days a lawful-neutral “thanks,” but never with a “cheers,” “ciao,” or “sent from my iPhone,” which is how I know I’m still not a total monster.


Gyan Yankovich

Gyan Yankovich is the Managing Editor at Man Repeller.

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