New Year’s Eve Outfits That Might Convince You to Stay In

I feel kinda badly for New Year’s Eve. I do. There were times where everyone was all obsessed with it, overdoing it, talking about it, planning it. The roaring twenties and the 2000s, most likely. I also feel like New Year’s Eve was really big in the 90s, especially, but that’s probably a me thing because in the 90s I wasn’t yet invited to any parties so I felt like everyone was traveling to the moon on unicorn backs or something. THEN…then the internet hit, and suddenly, everyone started using it exclusively to confess how much they disliked New Year’s Eve.

Common themes: It’s overrated. Expensive. Impossible to get a reservation!

All of these things are true. But poor New Year’s. That’s not really the eve’s fault, is it? All New Year’s asked is that we put a little glitter on our eyelids. Get a little festive in the name of its birthday.

It wasn’t until my first time celebrating New Year’s Eve “in” with friends —  no going out, no overpriced tickets to way-too-crowded parties where you never once see the bar let alone the people you came with — that I realized, Hey, you know what? New Year’s Eve is actually great so long as there’s a couch you trust nearby, a floor you’re willing to go barefoot on and a bathroom without a wait list.

The perks of staying in to celebrate New Year’s Eve are truly endless. But since you’re here, and I’m here, and we’re hanging out anyway, might as well walk you through three of my favorite reasons to stay in — as illustrated via outfits both styled and modeled by Juliana Salazar.

You Get to Wear Things You’d Be Terrified to Wear in Bars or on Dance Floors

Obviously accidents can happen at home, and usually you’re the one (or fine, I’m the one) who spills all over yourself in these scenarios, but you know what you don’t get at home? Bar juice. Bar juice is the floor-bred, tar-like substance that gets all over the bottoms of pant legs and dress hems and never comes out. Ever. But given that there’s no need to worry about bar juice should you find yourself celebrating amid the safety of apartment carpeting, it means you can wear your ivory delicates sans fear!

Here, Juliana flipped the slip so that the deepest V is in the back, shorter V in the front, then layered a fuzzy sweater over (that’s another bonus of apartment hanging — you’re less likely to get too hot, or if you do, you can take it off without fear of it going missing). She added the kind of slippers that make an outfit like this look complete but can feel, at times (like when it’s snowing), impractical to wear outside, and a sequin beret for the damn heck of it. She also notes that if you’re nervous to try something…like a sparkly beret, for example, there’s no better place to experiment than in the privacy of you or your friend’s home.

Maybe keep a purse nearby just in case you decide to brave it and stop by a party later.

You Can Run Out to Get Fresh Air or More Supplies Whenever You Want 

…Without having to worry about the possibility of not being able to get back in.

Juliana styled this outfit specifically for the errand run: a gray sweatsuit to lounge around in, big statement earrings and embellished socks (because it is New Year’s Eve, after all), and should the liquor/snacks/ice run out, all you have to do is throw a shiny coat over and add on a cozy pair of loafers. The scarf — secured with a barrette — is a bonus. But it’s one that comes highly recommended.

You Get to Wear Those Fancy Shoes That You’ve Been Saving Forever and Are Scared to Ruin

One of home-hanging’s greatest joys is not having to wear anything that health codes tend to require, shoes among them. Another one of home-hanging’s greatest joys is that it presents an opportunity to wear the shoes you love with all your soul but for whatever reason — they’re impossible to walk in, you’re scared to salt-stain them, you don’t want to scuff them, etc. — you’re too scared to go out-out in them.

With your fancy shoes on your feet, your legs splayed out on the couch, why not make the most of indoor heating and go pants-less? Up top: A thick knit cardigan over a striped long sleeve shirt, because for some great mystery of the universe, stripes seem to go with absolutely everything.

You know what else does, too? About twenty handfuls of confetti that you can worry about in the morning, those paper blowy-horn-thingies, and a very loud, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!”

Photos by Bridget BadoreStyled and modeled by Juliana Salazar.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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