To Do: Get Through The First Day Back

I spent all day yesterday cooking lunches for the week and then, this morning, I forgot to bring any of it. I wish I’d written my above to-do list earlier, is what I’m saying. All considered though, 2017 is off to a good start. Which I find a little surprising considering its foundation (the cursed year of 2016) and indivisibility (it’s a prime number). Maybe we’re blinded by the appealing psychology of nowhere to go but up. I’m not complaining.

Remember last year when we talked about how to trick your brain into feeling happy? Well, not to paraphrase myself, but the first one was to contrive a fresh start, because our brains are addicted to starting anew. Another was to make a to-do list. Did you know we get a dopamine hit when we check off a task as complete? Humans are so cute.

In the interest of making today/2017 very cool, team MR is capitalizing on both. The fresh start is easy. It’s January 3rd! No contriving necessary. The to-do lists were also kind of easy, because we got to procrastinate by making them. Never mind the irony in that. Click through above and see what we’re up to today.

Oh, and the last tip was to smile like an idiot for a little serotonin boost. So do that and then tell us your list. Welcome to 2017!

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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