Day 1 of Fashion Week: What the MR Editors Are Talking About

You no longer need a calendar nor a pair of underwear to tell you what day of the week it is. One scroll through yesterday’s Instagram (or this morning, depending on how wackadoo-in-retrograde The Instagram Algorithm has made your feed) will tell you loud and clear: It’s New York Fashion Week, pillow fluffers*!

*I’m trying to curse less in my writing because on an episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jim Gaffigan told Jerry Seinfeld he got to open for the Pope once (like the Pope Pope) because he’s made a career out of clean comedy. Yikes for me in terms of potential missed opportunities, but no time like the present to break a bad habit.

Should we talk about Fashion Week? We’re trying something new this year: an “In Case You Missed It” type format each morning (ish!) to recap the day before, with highlights culled from all the Man Repeller editors attending. There will still be thinky pieces in regards to some of the shows we see, but consider these the new one-sentence reviews. And let us know what you think!

Ready, set, sneeze!

1) Adidas showed pastel colored tracksuits on the jungle gym of recess dreams. (This spring, you’re going to want a sporty, wear-together lemon tee-and-short two-piece.)

2) At Sandy Liang, models chilled in big collars and cool coats and Blundstone boots at Mission Chinese. Continuing the dining theme: show-goers sat, almost awards show-style, around tables with circulating waiters at Cinq á Sept and cool-pants-label Miaou. Three’s a trend: today’s top must-have? Snacks, please.

3) Cool coats were a “trend” unto themselves — not revolutionary, per se, but isn’t it nice to know the antidotes to winter dressing doldrums have solutions? Juicy Couture showed a floral teddy bear stunner; at Saks Potts (see the polka dotted women sans pants up above), there was leopard x3 on a zebra print couch (plus MR pal Alisha making a serious case for brightly colored tights…note to self: try now).

4) Creatures of Comfort answered a few style q’s that have been lingering in Haley’s brain, like:

Haley: Are polka dots still a thing?

CoC: Yes, absolutely.

Haley: What about wrapping sweaters around our necks?

CoC: Never stop tying things around your neck. Shirts, ties, scarves, anything — it’s an emotional safety concern.

Haley: Roger that. Oh and keep meaning to ask, how many layers is too many layers?

CoC: The limit does not exist.

Haley: Ugh, you keep me young. Hand me a mittens croakie.

5) Whoopi Goldberg was at Adam Selman, which is what they mean when they say “my day is made.” (I’d tell you what she was wearing, but Alexa Chung in a denim button-down with a crystal-back brooch was — not Alexa’s fault! — blocking her from my full line of sight.

6) Also at Adam Selman, a how-to in night-out dressing (that is, if you need your clothes to keep you awake for the dancing portion of the evening like I do): wear hot pink, point-blank, and red pants with a red jacket. Puffy sleeves: still a thing. Put more lipstick in the middle of your lips than anywhere else, and embrace (pointy-boot) flats. They’ll help you last!

7) Finally, at Tom Ford, the late-night show, won best soundtrack of the day with such iconic 1980s hits as “I’m So Excited” and “Jump (for My Love),” both by the Pointer Sisters.

Two things you can do a la the Tom Ford runway right away: pull your hair back with a thick, black headband (Tom Ford’s were leather, obviously) and add gigantic, crystalized earrings, either hoops or dangles. And if you’ve got a Kirakira-happy suit with power shoulders ready to go then, damn girl, get on it.

Feature image of Saks Potts via Vogue Runway. Photos via Vogue Runway.

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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