Some Unofficial Fashion Week Awards From Day 3

Hey! It’s me, your friend who texts you super early in the morning even though you’ve told her a million times you can’t chit-chat until you’ve had coffee. Well, no prob, because I’ll do the talking, you do the coffee-drinking. Below is everything you need to know about New York Fashion Week’s day three, as told in a series of superlatives.

1. The “Best Outfit For Watching Sunday Cartoons at a Fancy Dinner Party Award” goes to…

Bottega Veneta’s opening look in yellow. The show took place Friday night at 8 p.m., but it made this morning’s roundup because it’s exactly what I’d like to be wearing right now. (You probably know this piece of trivia, but Bottega normally shows in Milan, so it was cool to have the brand in New York this season.)

2. The “Changing the Fashion Week Casting Game Award” goes to…

Chromat, Eckhaus Latta and Christian Siriano. These three shows were the most optically-diverse (in terms of size, shape, race, age, physical ability and even religion) of any so far this season.

Chromat was a neon pool party — and everyone’s invited. I liked what Vogue’s Chioma Nnadi wrote: “At [Chromat’s Becca McCharen-Tran’s] shows, conventional notions of beauty fall to the wayside, and suddenly your eyes are open to a million different kinds of allure — fabulous people of all shapes, sizes, and colors who flaunt a life-affirming body confidence that solicits whoops of joy from the front row.” (P.S. POOL FLOATS).

Also a party, also full of audible joy: Christian Siriano’s 10-year anniversary show, where the front row included Laverne Cox, Cardi B, Molly Shannon, Whoopi Goldberg (she’s been making the rounds this week!), Coco Rocha (with her daughter on her lap), and Meg Ryan in a white pantsuit. The show — a massive, 70+ look collection featuring a few dresses that are likely to make the Oscar’s in March — was truly a light in this rainy day. Selma Blair walked and the front row went wild. Crowd favorite, though: Danielle Brooks, who didn’t just walk, but demonstrated her dress’s wings. The entire audience cheered positive affirmations throughout, and, at the end, for Christian himself, gave a standing ovation (and a bouquet of flowers!).

Eckhaus Latta was less WOO and more the kind of clothes that make you feel like you have your shit together. It was minimalism for the maximalist — there were a lot of neutrals, but it was never boring, and toward the end there was a master class in pattern-clashing (vertical stripes and tie-die: trying at next immediate opportunity).

3. The “Pastel Heaven Award” goes to…

Staud, the closest a room full of accessories and clothing has ever come to feeling like a Dylan’s Candy Bar’s worth of oh-my-goodness-I-want-everything choices. Punctuated by pink and lavender, this collection is the brand’s biggest to date. It includes delicious highlights such as a patent leather coat, skirt and jacket that Audrey Hepburn would conceivably wear and post on Instagram if she were a star in 2018, bags trimmed in feathers, corduroy jumpsuits, knit tanks with contrasting trim and the perfect “going out” top featuring a built-in zipper that you can use to convert it into a cropped version. Brilliant.

4.The “Closet I’d Like to Borrow For a Day Award” goes to…

Rebecca de Ravenel, where glamorous, robe-like overcoats, silk dresses, floral bustiers and tiger-print skirts mingled with horn- and heart-shaped earrings rendered in the same wrapped silk cord style as the “Bon Bons” that put the brand on the map. The collection was largely inspired by Diana Vreeland, who, as de Ravenel pointed out, was renowned not only for her unique style but also for her incredible mind, and that’s the kind of woman for whom she strives to design.

5. The “Continued Innovation in Location Award” goes to…

Alexander Wangwho showed at 4 Times Square, formerly the home of Condé Nast. Vote in the comments below if you think that’s meant to be some sort of commentary about the fashion industry, the future of publishing, corporations in general? A complete 180 from last season’s Brooklyn warehouse block party situation? Did he literally just want to show in an office building with cubicles because it would be funny and a few floors happened to be vacant?

The collection itself was kind of Wang-meets-Ralph Lauren. I’m not kidding: amid the leather, the bondage, The Matrix-y outfits and the sportswear was a look featuring cable knit sweatpants and a sweater tied around the model’s shoulders. This is Amelia writing: I was into it.

Photos via Vogue Runway. 

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