A New Yorker’s Guide to Getting in the Holiday Spirit

It’s around late November that New York starts to feel less like a city and more like a dynamic, sprawling holiday party–one with a limitless supply of heart-warming festivity. Everything from the twinkly lights stretched over streets to the music wafting from storefronts to the cold, crisp air is a celebration ripe for the plucking. To get ourselves nice and hyped for this impending jubilee, Man Repeller teamed up with stylist Monica Morales to devise an outfit protocol for taking full advantage of New York’s communal holiday party proclivities this season. No RSVP necessary, all you have to do is step out the door (or in the meantime, scroll down).

Wear a Statement Puffer Coat to… Walk Up and Down Fifth Avenue With a Cup of Hot Chocolate

Fifth Avenue is objectively one of the most dazzling spots to take in during the holiday season, what with all the elaborately crafted window displays and department store light shows and Christmas tree stands. Though it’s obviously tailored toward gift shoppers, there’s something pure and uplifting in the act of simply observing–strolling along with an optional cup of hot chocolate in your hand, burrito-wrapped inside a puffer coat eye-catching enough to give those aforementioned window displays a run for their mesmerization potential.

Wear Your Most Absurd Party Dress to… Meet Friends for a Casual Dinner in Your Neighborhood

If you have yet to walk into an unassuming pizza parlor dressed in your finest party finery, I highly recommend doing so sometime in the next couple of months, a hallowed time wherein festive outfits don’t necessarily need a festive venue or occasion to make sense, quite simply, in your soul. Take advantage of the opportunity to wear your favorite high heels because there’s no standing or small talk required–just a chipper ‘tude and a mood for food (specifically mozzarella cheese).

Wear a Tie-Dye Crop Top and Feather Boa to… People-Watch in Grand Central Station

Holiday season people watching in New York is the best kind of people watching, hands down. In addition to the influx of tourists, there’s a palpable energy buzz that sweeps the city like an electrical current, zapping everyone with pink cheeks and a sense of delight. For optimal people watching, you can’t go wrong with Grand Central Station–a veritable hub of human activity, and an aesthetically pleasing one to boot. Wear something warm and colorful and inviting so as to attract as many friendly smiles and directional queries as possible.

Get Dressed to the Nines Just to… Go See a Classic Holiday Movie in Theaters

Certain theaters in New York play classic holiday movies during the holiday season, which means you can “make a night of it,” as they say, watching gems like The Elf or It’s a Wonderful Life while eating movie theater popcorn mixed with M&Ms. Take yourself on a solo date in your most delicious date night outfit, or make it a group thing and tell your pals the dress code is “black-tie cozy” just because.

Load Up on Sparkly Accessories to… Sit on a Bench in Central Park and Listen to Holiday Music

There is much pleasure to be had in accessorizing yourself like an evergreen tree, I can assure you. Pull out all the stops, i.e. sparkly bobbles, your shiny necklaces and light-reflecting purses, your dangly earrings and statement belts, and wear them all at once to do nothing more than plop yourself on a park bench, plug in your headphones, and listen to whatever music makes you visualize egg nog.

What are your favorite things to do in New York–or anywhere!–during the holidays?

Stylist / Director: Monica Morales at DLM
Photographer: Lucinda Taffs
Model: Ruby Campbell of Heroes Models
Hair and Makeup Artist: Shideh Kafei
Videographer: Jessica Lawson 

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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