30 New York Summer Street Style Outfits (With a Side of Bucket Hats)

Getting coffee in Manhattan is my daily urban pilgrimage. It fills me with a sense of ritual and gives me a delightful boost of caffeine-induced inspiration. When I moved from Melbourne to New York in January, I thought I’d be forced exist on a diet of Starbucks. (In hindsight, that was probably influenced by the photos I’d seen of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen toting the giant white takeaway cups.) After beginning my internship at Man Repeller, though, I discovered New York is peppered with an impressive selection of coffee roasters and friendly baristas.

In this city, the walk to get coffee is about so much more than just the drink. It’s both a feeling and a look. The above slideshow is a snapshot of the cafe and coffee culture around Man Repeller’s little neighborhood of Nolita, New York. As you click through above, please note the absence of athleisure. There’s not a pair of spandex-clad, coffee-charged limbs in sight. It’s charming and inspiring.

So, what do you say? Grab a cup of coffee (iced or hot?), slip into your finest sipping attire, place your earbuds inside your ears and get clicking.

Photos by Tirzah Brott. Follow her on Instagram @tirzabrott.

Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell is the Editorial Intern at Man Repeller. She’s an Australian moonlighting as a Brooklynite who liked avocado before it became cool.

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