Normani’s New Music Video, Chace Crawford’s *Ahem* and Other Things I Saw on Instagram This Weekend


This weekend may have been fairly snoozy in the “newsy”-sphere, but I found a few things I’m pretty excited about/intrigued by via my dear friend Instagram. And luckily, I’m a magnanimous woman, so I’m here to share:

1. Justin Beiber Speaks for the People

Bieber posted this photo of Ryan Gosling last night with this caption for no particular reason I can discern beyond simple desperation. And I suppose I relate. It’s been a minute since First Man and an even longer minute since Blade Runner 2049, and now that I think of it, I am *parched* for a new Gosling blockbuster.

2. Normani’s New Video Slaps

Normani, former member of Fifth Harmony who has now gone on to a hot solo career, released a single called “Motivation” this weekend and the music video is chock full of incredible hip-hop choreo. In this IG post she said that in order to keep the song underwraps, the dance ensemble was doing choreography to counts, which is pretty damn impressive. Give it a watch.

3. Business of Fashion Shames Me

BoF is one of the only publications that will take their on-site content and condense it into a longer-form yet digestible caption on Instagram. I often find myself latching on with their good Instagram ledes, but this one in particular held my attention. Though not necessarily new information, it made me think about what MR could be doing for younger audiences on platforms like Snapchat and TikTok. Curious to hear what you think, too?

4. Speaking of TikTok, This One Is Genius

I watched this full vid on TikTok a little over a week ago and was tickled by Brittany Tomlinson saying Kombucha smells like “a public restroom.” And I love that the final five seconds became a meme, because it can apply to everything. EVERYTHING. Me looking in a mirror. Me hanging out with my friend who loves to “go out” for the 3rd, 4th and 10th time. Me eating mussels.

5. Okay, I’m Mad At Chace Crawford’s Publicists

And also mad that Paper Magazine is able to post outrageous shit like this. I’M DEAD. Their reaction memes gets me in the getting place every single time—so funny. In addition, I’m mad that this promo image featuring Chace Crawford for the new show The Boys is even allowed exist? What overzealous team of publicists dreamed this up?

6. I’m on the Billie Eilish Train

With this pic alone, Billie made me want to wear a green sweatsuit, use the word “vraazy,” sit on a crate, and employ the dragon emoji, which I now realize is trusty and underused in the emojisphere.

7. RuPaul Serving Face and Body at 58

Evan Ross Katz is my source of all things good on Instagram. I like his content 10/10 times. As a religious Drag Race viewer, I found this photoshoot of Queen RuPaul for Interview Mag to be so good. The beat is ridiculously beautiful.

8. The Engagement of One Crystal Anderson!!!

If you missed it this weekend, Man Repeller’s own Crystal Anderson got engaged and though I was not there, I felt like I was with this perfect photo (and a snippet of audio from the proposal that I heard in her stories). My heart is singing with congratulations and joy for her and her fiancée (who you might have gotten to know through their viral Refinery29 video in April).

9. Lisa Frank is Quaking

Remember these? I had 10. The erasers were horrible and useless. But boy did I think I looked CHIC with my pencil-turned-miniature-scepter. P.S. For those who are nostalgic, this account will feed you a feast.

10. Something Pretty, Just for Fun

I think I could exclusively watch videos of sunlight hitting BaleFire glass vases for the rest of my life. I’ve had my little eye on these unique creations for a million (read: 1.5) years and I highly recommend getting lost in their Epiphany Cups and Vases.

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