The Creator of Katie Holmes’s Bradigan Debuted a Perfect September Outfit

Khaite cover

While summer begets the baring of limbs and winter necessitates their total and complete coverage, the in-between of fall—the seasonal salami, if you will—has more flexible requirements. I’ve found that sometimes the guardrails of transitional weather dressing are so loose I end up haphazardly throwing stuff on, which almost always results in a situation wherein I am either too hot or cold, rarely just right. And yet, just right were the precise words that came to mind at the sight of look 20 at Khaite. It consisted of an oversized argyle sweater, silk shorts, flat lace-up sandals, a large leather tote bag, and a literally sparkling rhinestone headpiece. I knew from when I laid eyes on it that this, finally, was the perfect September outfit template.

One thing I have learned in our thus-far brief encounter with September is that outfits where my legs are covered and my arms are bare, like a jeans and tank top combo I wore just three days prior to this sentence being typed, are a recipe for goosebumps. As in, my arms get cold, and then I kick myself with the very legs I’ve stuck inside a pair of pants despite the haunting awareness that I don’t have to be wearing pants right now. It’s not January yet! It’s not even October. I can still wear dresses, and skirts, and shorts, and what am I doing wasting this perfectly good bare-legged weather when I know perfectly well that my legs are less prone to getting cold than my arms?

Flimsy silk shorts look really great with a bulky wool sweater because they are total and complete opposites.

Anyway, the Khaite outfit. A salient reminder that a sweater paired with shorts is an ideal solution to the above-mentioned issue, but also a lesson in the most compelling proportions and textures to consider when executing upon this revelation. Namely, flimsy silk shorts look really great with a bulky wool sweater because they are total and complete opposites (name the reference!) and therefore destined for greatness when combined, like cream cheese and jam. Also of note: it looks better when the shorts are just barely peeping out from underneath the sweater hem.

And per the accessos, this ensemble could be easily paired with loafers, and I honestly think it should be if you’re planning to carry a dainty bag, but the magic in the one on Khaite’s runway was because of the strappy sandal/big tote bag combo. Red strappy sandals specifically, which added a pop of color to an otherwise thoroughly autumnal palette. The rhinestone headpiece was just gravy, but instead of overlooking it entirely I’m inclined to consider it an open-ended suggestion poised for interpretation. For example, how about a slightly subtler but no less sparkly alternative, like rhinestone stud earrings?

I would award a lifetime of bonus points to anyone who actually ‘just happens to have’ a rhinestone headpiece lying around.

The best news about the best September outfit idea I’ve witnessed this week is that the components of it are likely already in your closet: a slightly oversized sweater, a pair of short shorts, a large tote bag, stud earrings, and flat lace-up sandals (for what it’s worth, if this were a contest and I was a judge, I would award a lifetime of bonus points to anyone who actually “just happens to have” a rhinestone headpiece lying around). It would be even better if the shorts in question were silky or silk-adjacent to conjure the effect of the opposing forces I mentioned earlier, so maybe check your pajama drawer in case that’s where a pair is hiding? Now, let us go forth and slice this seasonal salami together.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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