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I have just one question for you with a piece of punctuation so eager to make its mark you’d think it has to go to the bathroom, but before I insert it let me ask the question which is, “ARE YOU SO EXCITED FOR ONE SENTENCE REVIEWS” — and if you think I am just going to cut myself off there before I’ve said everything I have to say then you’ve got another thing coming, buddy; one thing I love about fashion is that you can squeeze so much juice out of just a little something (there are a million metaphors to be had by all, so many emotional projections to be projected upon clothes, so many ways to communicate what you’re thinking/feeling/seeing), so why wouldn’t we do the same with a sentence? <- I had to breathe and that question mark had to pee. Below and behold, with the most recent at the top and day one toward the bottom, our New York Fashion Week One Sentence Reviews.



Photos via Vogue Runway.

Delpozo consistently injects new life into the concept of red-carpet dressing, and this season is no exception. From black-tie pants to a collared shirt layered under a one-shouldered gown, there is plenty of creative material that lands right in the sweet Venn diagram overlap between “cool” and “really, really pretty.” — Harling Ross


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Prabal Gurung

Photos via Vogue Runway.

It is one thing to have a party in your pants, quite another to wear party pants, and a whole different story entirely to forgo pants and instead don a life-of-the-party dress, which is what Prabal Gurung gave us by way of a sheer hot-pink dress with a strategically-placed swath of hot-pink fabric and a whole bunch of different puffy-sleeved frocks; some were far more subdued — you could act like a serious lady in them; others were yellow and beaded and tasseled because, well, for the same reason he continues his really great knits and this time threw in a knotted-at-the-neck plaid, ya gotta have options. — Amelia Diamond

3.1 Phillip Lim

Photos via Vogue Runway.

I don’t even know what I’m supposed to look out for when I watch runway shows anymore, but if it’s a question of personal investment, I offer a definitive “interested” for sequined stripes on tight tanks with matching skirts and relaxed ruffle tops, straight cropped pants and the huge raffia handbag that settles it: throw your small bags OUT! — Leandra Medine


The Row

Photos via Vogue Runway.

Here I am, in a zebra print blouse and striped cotton shorts, wearing a fanny pack and feeling disheveled while croissants and finger sandwiches freckle a room of guests at The Carlyle Hotel and models draped in dresses and jumpsuits and trench coats (each one in a pair of white or black Keds-style sneakers) walk through the tables inviting you into their lifestyle, punctuated by a constant calm and extravagant comfort where there is no room for a tiger or for stripes, but I am in. —Leandra Medine


Photos via Vogue Runway.

Tome’s SS18 collection, inspired by NYC-based dancer and choreographer Pam Tanowitz, featured dancers dancing in the collection as well as models (including Jacky O’Shaughnessy from this beauty tutorial for mature skin) in colorful, wearable clothes that make women feel beautiful and dressed for the occasion, even if there is none — but then again, who needs an occasion to dress up or a reason to dance? — Amelia Diamond

Mansur Gavriel

Photos via Vogue Runway.

Mansur Gavriel’s inaugural ready-to-wear clothing collection embodied millennial minimalism at its finest. In addition to a blue sweater-over-skirt look (and matching scrunchie) I want to copy immediately, the coats were the standout element — sumptuously anonymous silhouettes rendered in Instagram-worthy colors. By the way! You can buy it all now at Net-a-Porter! — Harling Ross

Club Monaco

Photos via WWD.

Once again, Club Monaco proves that wardrobe staples don’t have to be boring. A little blank dress becomes something else entirely once you add feathers to the cuffs, ditto for a white blouse with sleeves layered like a French pastry. On a separate note, I’m fully on board with leggings under dresses and leopard for days remaining trendy well into 2018.— Harling Ross


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Photos via Vogue Runway.

In the name of the weekend, please allow me to break this one-sentence rule. We get one free pass each!!! Monse, set in the middle of a basketball court, largely red, white and blue, plus stars (think Harlem Globetrotters, minus the short shorts — a real shame) was a lesson in how to rethink closet basics: Menswear shirting? Reshape it. Cardigans? Swap out the usual neckline and shapeshift with buttons. That nice skirt in your closet? Run it through a paper shredder. These are the clothes that may not change an industry, but they are clothes that an industry will be buying and begging to style with in about two seconds. Just wait until the market requests start to pour in. — Amelia Diamond

Jason Wu

Photos via Vogue Runway.

What’s another word for modern seersucker? Can you call it The Jason Wu Stripe? See: the group of cut-out dresses and two-pieces (plus one skort!), but you know that because you have eyes, so instead chew on this premature trend report: creative ways to wear your belt is a big one for spring; so is the overwhelming use of handbags, auspiciously planted on every runway so far. This one, by the way, made me want to go home and shower. — Leandra Medine

Tory Burch

Photos via Vogue Runway.

Not that you’re not going to think of Tory Burch first while shopping for equestrian tweeds and retro-ironic-but-also-dead-serious-twinsets, you may soon begin to associate her with a caftan before anything else; Palm Beach prepped after a vacation in Marrakech, the SS18 Tory look is that of a seasoned warm-weather multi-bag schlepper who travels from open air markets to the beach on the regular — when she isn’t appraising textiles, she’s relaxing (in style).— Amelia Diamond


Rag & Bone

Photos via Vogue Runway.

At Rag & Bone, a series of photographer-friendly selfies that feature a series of #OOTDs from which to get try-now inspiration, including but not limited to: wearing a kilt over your trousers (preferably in matching prints), Fran Drescher pink (perhaps the time has finally come?) in full monochrome, and a giant plaid coat with undertones of blue, over orange-y red track pants because, you know, athleisure. — Amelia Diamond

Adam Selman

Photos via Vogue Runway

To borrow a bit of internet speak from the cool in-the-know kids who linger online and around memes these days (which feels apropos of Adam Selman in general: the man, the myth, the mustache is hip), Selman’s Spring 2018 gingham-happy, platform heel-savvy collection is for the full-look girl who needs to be extra at a picnic at 11, arrive to a music-centric red carpet at 6 and be on time for Romy and Michele’s high school reunion by 10.

P.S. You could hear the models cheering at the end and the crowd put down their phones to clap loudly. People just love him. — Amelia Diamond

Ulla Johnson

Photos via Vogue Runway

Ulla Johnson has a knack for taking the customary trappings of overt girly-ness and softening them into the kind of wearable femininity that grown-ass women can lean into without abandoning their forward momentum: pinafore straps worn across the chest instead of the back (lending them an air of irreverence), millennial pink rendered in poncho form and a frilly shirt with visible boning are just a few examples from her recent collection. — Harling Ross

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