NYFW Street Style Day 4: Non-Stop “Full Looks”

I recently realized that I’m most bored by my own outfits when I build them one piece at a time. Jeans I feel like wearing, then a sweater I feel like wearing, followed by a coat I feel like wearing, and so on. But when I stop and consider what pants would look interesting with what jacket, and what shoes would make that pairing feel even more intentional, I land somewhere much more satisfying. In the biz we call this A Full Look. It’s less mix-and-match, less centered around a single statement item or a pair of jeans you wear every day; more head-to-toe. Pls see Céline Dion for reference.

There’s no better time for this kind of outfit than fashion week (heard of it?), but day 4 was particularly full-look fertile. It seems everyone was thinking about how the disparate parts of their outfit could be in conversation with each other, whether in the form of head-to-toe pink (slide 2, slide 7), or something more subtle, like a black outfit with rust boots, a khaki trench coat, and a black bag with brown lining (slide 12). These are outfits you want to color swatch. The kind you think of all at once rather than bit by bit, because the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

So next time you’re standing naked in front of your mirror, surrounded by a clothing tornado of your own making, feel free to click through below for ideas about how to make it all come together.

p.s. ICYMI: Day 1 was all about coats, day 2 was peak pants, and day 3 was the year (day) of the camel.

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