225 Street Style Looks From NYFW

It may be cold and we may be hanging on to our optimism by a thread, but, per the slideshow above, said thread appears to be V soft and colorful. Over the course of New York Fashion Week, MR photographer Simon Chetrit was out shooting street style so those of us not attending could sit back, cozy up and read the cues like horoscopes. (The dead of February, it should be said, is not a bad time to spend indoors.)

Over the past five years, street style has gone through a puberty of sorts — bouncing around between overzealous and boring — but the past couple seasons we’ve observed a marked shift towards authenticity. Last winter, it felt personal again. Last fall, it felt fun again. It was interesting to unpack what this season had to offer, given the cultural/political/literal climate. By the looks of it, both personality and utility were a focus this year. How refreshing.

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Photos by Simon Chetrit; follow him on Instagram @simonzchetrit.


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