NYFW Street Style Day 2: A Reminder That Pants *Might* Be the Best Thing About Winter


Scrolling through this morning’s NYFW street style dispatch, I had one overwhelming reaction: What a great time for pants. As we move through another potentially trendless season, no item of clothing is faring better. This season there are puddle hems walking by cropped trousers, flares stepping behind pocket-adorned utility pants, and highlighter-bright ankles stretching alongside #stickofbutter-ready jeans. Anything goes and everything looks excellent.

As Harling so perfectly explained in yesterday’s first installment, dressing for shows in February is a “negotiation between looking cool and feeling warm.” Today’s recap offers up proof that pants, as well as coats, are the solution to this tricky winter-dressing equation. Captured yesterday on day 2 of NYFW, it’s a delightful reminder of just how fun and versatile winter’s best staple (apologies to boots, turtlenecks, and coats) can be. May you enjoy this panoply of pants as much as I did—and don’t forget to check back in tomorrow for another delicious street style dispatch.

Photos by Karolina Kaczynska

Gyan Yankovich

Gyan Yankovich is the Managing Editor at Man Repeller.

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