NYFW Street Style Day 5: Rainy Weather Accessories Saved the Day

Last night, as we were all sleeping, our street style photographer Karolina sent through the Day 5 batch of street style at 1:58 a.m., lest you think anyone’s easing off fashion week. I wouldn’t want to venture a guess of how many secret blisters lurk beneath the surface of these photos, but no one’s losing momentum in the waning days of NYFW—if anything, the outfits are just starting to reach a fever pitch.

The sun sat out fashion week this year, posing a question in urgent need of a solution: How do you accessorize for this festival of fashions while warding off inclement weather? How do you make your accessories work smarter, not harder? I found some answers in the slideshow below, in the form of translucent bucket hats, corduroy bucket hats, and tweed bucket hats. I also spotted: Hanne Gaby in a floral rain bonnet (!) and Hunter boots, a couple Very Tall Hats™ of Pharrell proportions, Tamu McPherson’s rain-slicker-yellow boots, Harling Ross’ normcore umbrella, sneakers galore, combat boots with tulle skirts and gingham dresses, a New York Yankees cap, sunglasses that shield rain like a black car’s tinted windows, a high concentration of printed boots, silk scarves around heads, sweaters repurposed as scarves, a print mix melange by Michelle Li that starts with a floppy hat and ends with a pair of rain boots, high platforms lifting puddle hems off the pavement, a hefty collegiate-style scarf, and one pair of bowling shoes. And then there was a total anomaly, a reminder that everyone experiences weather in a different way: the odd instance of someone carrying a naked laptop against her forearm despite the drizzle.

What else awaits you in the slideshow below? To borrow a sentence construction from 2006-era Belle and Sebastian, the beiges are still beige (is this the creamiest fashion week on record?). An easy formula for a good midwinter outfit is still a statement coat. And then there’s the most monochrome outfit I’ve ever seen Leandra wear!

If you’re feeling nostalgic for the early days of fashion week, please direct your attention to Days 1, 2, 3, and 4. And if you take away one styling tip from this story, I’d recommend this one: In the thick of fashion week, the most underrated quality of an umbrella is that it gives you something to do with your hands.

Photos by Karolina Kaczynska

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