Your October Horoscope Is Here and Excited About Your Group Halloween Costume

October 2018 horoscope man repeller

Let’s cut to the chase – we’re not entering October with the most positive of vibes. The end of September was incredibly taxing. There’s no planetary alignment I can point to that will fix America’s broken democracy, no shooting stars that will herald a new age of love and equality as they jet across the sky. What I can offer with this month’s horoscopes is a bit of guidance. Which days to take easy, as per the heavens; a couple signposts on how and when best to be brave. And, of course, how to handle this month’s major cosmic movements: Venus going into retrograde and the full moon in Taurus.

If you want to follow along with my conclusions, I used this interactive map to observe the movements in outer space.


As the first sign of the zodiac, you have a reputation for being unflappable and unafraid to stand up for what you feel is right. You’ll be given the opportunity to demonstrate those qualities this month. That’s not to say anything bad is going to happen to you, but rather that conditions will be ripe for you to push back against injustice like the alpha rams that you are.

So what are those conditions, exactly? On October 2nd, Pluto exited retrograde. Pluto represents everything that is hidden and murky about our subconscious. As a result, you might’ve found that recent events are dredging up old memories, good or bad. But don’t use your horns to bury these thoughts back in the ground. You’ll want to keep them in your rearview and use them as motivators for change: Maybe it is time to cut a friend off who’s been a bad influence. Maybe you are done weighing the pros and cons of staying at your current job and are finally ready to make a change. Just note that Pluto is also in Capricorn right now — an astrological suggestion to gather your wits about you before charging ahead.

Late September saw the full moon in your sign, so if you’re still fixating on a big project or unable to chill out, that’s likely why. And as we all know, obsessing is only fun when it’s over a good book or TV show (still not over Sharp Objects). Luckily, October’s full moon on the 24th is in Taurus, so don’t fret if you haven’t been able to quiet your mind just yet — your brain is guaranteed to be clear by the end of the month.

My final piece of advice for October is for you to be extra cautious with love and money. Venus is going to be in retrograde through November, which may cause some confusion and missteps in those departments. I know you will hoof on forward through almost any situation, but you’ll have to be a little more scrutinous than usual.


October will be a big month for you, beautiful cows, because the full moon will be in Taurus on the 24th. The full moon is all about being open to other people and ideas, and since it’s in YOUR sign, you should be extra discerning about whatever new spices you consider mixing into the metaphorical Soup of Your Life.

Having said that, I don’t want you to overthink anything! See, October is a month of clarification for Tauruses (Taurii?). Even if you’ve found yourself feeling lost or confused lately, the next few weeks will be like a Swiffer to your mind. By November, your emotional and professional priorities will reveal themselves to you.

This is partly because Venus is going into retrograde on October 5th. Which means a) you may hear from an old flame this month, so be cautious when deciding how to respond (but trust that your first instinct is the right one), and b) you might experience some financial trouble, so check your bank account more than usual this month and make sure your payments have come in on time, that the cashier at Target didn’t accidentally charge you twice, that sort of thing.

There’s a lot going on this month — but I have a feeling that your path, going forward, will reveal itself to you. Stay grounded, dear Taureans, and everything will be illuminated. You don’t have to struggle to find the answers.


No one’s surprised that Geminis are known for their quick wit. You’re twins — that’s double the brains you’re working with! And you’ll definitely need your wits about you this month, as September ended with its moon in Gemini — the effects of which can last through these first two weeks of October.

Feeling antsy? When the moon encounters an Air sign such as yours, your need for mental stimulation can soar. If you’re a tactile person, I suggest getting your hands busy. If you like chatting away (let’s be real, you’re Geminis, you love it!), give your Senators a call.

If you’re having trouble concentrating on stuff — social, professional, gastronomical (hey, who knows?) — I have good news. The full moon in Taurus on the 24th is going to light your way. Its ethereal lunar beams will show you EXACTLY which path to take.

You’re also going to feel a strong need to put yourself out there this month. And although it’s unlikely that single Geminis will start anything serious or long-term until mid-November, I think you have the potential for some reallllly good dates this month. If you’re in the mood, that is.

On a completely unrelated note, I have a sneaking suspicion your sign is going to have THE BEST Halloween costume this year. Drop your plans in the comments below!


This October is all about reaching the perfect balance of supporting yourself and supporting others, little crab. Throughout Libra season — that’s up until the 23rd — you’ll be asked to come out of your shell and be more social.

Your presence means the absolute world to your friends and family, but you might experience the unwanted side effects of shouldering too many of their burdens. Remember that it’s 100 percent okay to tell people when they’re giving you too much psychic weight to carry. Plus, the moon’s activity in the first week of October makes me think that you’ll be in your feelings (Cancer, do you love me? Are you riding?) even more than normal.

I hope that doesn’t sound bleak! Being emotional does not equate to being weak. You’re going to be in fine fighting form. Pluto comes out of retrograde on the 2nd, which means now is the perfect time to reevaluate your goals so you can proceed to kick ass for the rest of the year.

As passionate sea creatures, you may fear the upcoming waves of Scorpio season. Don’t! It might sound scary because we reflexively associate “Scorpio” with intensity, but what you Cancers excel at is investigating feelings. You’ll be able to surf any rough waves of emotion with far more ease than the rest of the zodiac.

My main recommendation for you this month is to take a breather before major decisions regarding money and romance. That’s good practice in general, but it’s imperative to mentally work through all pros and cons of contacting an ex or buying an expensive bag before you crab-walk into anything this October.


You aren’t scared of anything, are you, Leo? As it gets colder, I’m picturing you in ginormous fur coats (faux fur, obviously, don’t @ me PETA), stalking the streets like queens of the concrete jungle.

Like many of the other signs, you’re going to find the first week of October a bit of a struggle because just as Venus goes into retrograde, the last quarter moon is going to be in Leo.

This moon phase is about cycles ending, whereas Venus retrograde is about old relationships coming back to haunt you. It’ll be kind of a start-stop, start-stop, when it comes to emotions. Frustrating? Yes. But you, strong lion, are nothing if not self-assured. Hold fast! Keep your feline eyes locked on what’s ahead, and utilize your fluffy mane to block out distractions in the periphery.

Entering Scorpio season at the end of the month will help you focus on your passions even more intently. Leo rules the 5th House, which is the domain of entertainment, love, and being fun and outgoing. You’ll find yourself putting energy into…whatever you’re passionate about! Maybe that’s family, maybe that’s sportsball, maybe that’s your bedroom — and I do mean that in both the aesthetic AND the grown-and-sexy ways.

You can never have too much fun. That is, until you run out of money. On that note, a quick reminder to be careful with what you buy this during this month AND November while Venus will be in retrograde. You do like standing out, lovely lion, but maybe don’t go too wild with the animal prints?


So excited to check out what you Virgos are wearing for fall. Let me guess, you’ve already swapped out your summer wardrobe? Already have a moisturizer ready for these transitioning seasons? I see you!

I can imagine that September’s rough political news took a toll on you. Virgo is always mulling over what it means to be human, and a breakdown in democracy can feel like someone stabbing your soul with a butter knife. It doesn’t rip you up but DAMN it hurts, and you keep massaging the bruise in hopes that it’ll go away faster.

During Libra season, you might get a lot of satisfaction from being social and trying to help others untangle themselves. If emotionally supporting your friends and family becomes exhausting for you, maybe concentrate on social stuff in your workplace. Throw yourself into planning an event that makes you happy, something less Big Picture that will prevent your mind from running away with itself. Halloween IS coming up — why not throw an outrageous party or coordinate an elaborate group costume?

Pluto is coming out of retrograde on October 2nd, which will give you a new understanding of your priorities. To be more specific, it’ll give you an understanding of your strengths and your powers – then it’s up to you to decide how you want to expend that energy. More likely than not you’ll find yourself centered and at peace by the last week of the month. The movements of the moon suggest that distractions will dissipate on their own and you’ll achieve some kind of zen!

Finally, beware of Venus in retrograde! Virgos are known for loving aesthetically pleasing things, and Venus exerts influence on beauty and material goods. Already have a bajillion cosmetics? Just say no to that new Drunk Elephant or Sunday Riley sample set, no matter how cute the packaging! And avoid buying clothes online if you can; there’s a high likelihood that nothing will fit the way you thought it would.


HAPPY BELATED OR FORTHCOMING BDAY TO MY FELLOW LIBRAS! I am preparing for my birthday party as I write this entry, and am channeling as much positive, raucous energy as I can into these words.

The Aries full moon was ROUGH for me; I can only hope it was better for you. Luckily, I came out of the tumult with a new kind of confidence and am feeling positive about the month ahead. Yes, I know that we Libras are the literal scales of the zodiac and justice is going haywire in this country, but on a personal level…October will be just fine. Promise.

The new moon is floating into our sign on the 8th. As you might guess from the name, the new moon represents new (duh) beginnings. This can be a confusing time for more hot-headed signs, but luckily our astrological balancing act keeps us cool as cucumbers.

My recommendation is to make a set of long-term goals to use as a guide for the rest of the year — not just October. Focus on these goals and you’ll be able to avoid any missteps. The Taurus full moon at the end of the month will also pull any and all distractions out of our orbits.

Venus, our ruling planet, represents social charm, love, beauty and basically all the other good Libra qualities non-Libras are jealous of (I’m not biased at all). Unfortunately we will feel Venus going into retrograde rather intensely, which means we’ll have to exercise more caution when it comes to romance and money.

In fact, on October 31, Venus is going to be retrograde IN our sign. Be extra careful to not say something silly in social situations; you won’t want to deal with the fall out.


Scorpions! It’s a big month for you, space-wise. Big month doesn’t mean bad month, though; there will simply be a lot of electricity in all aspects of your life.

With Venus going into retrograde, I would definitely exercise more care than usual when it comes to communication. I know, I know, you just feel so strongly about certain things! But this month, you will feel compelled to say whatever comes into your head as soon as it comes into your head. Be careful! Think things through before you open your mouth. You might also experience some discombobulation in the love-and-sex department, so tread carefully.

I’m not trying to make you paranoid. Just remember that not everyone has as much gumption as you do! And remember that some people might be afraid to ask for clarification.

Having said that, you will actually find debates very invigorating this month. It might be just what you need in order to process your emotions during this tumultuous time. Just don’t be too poison-tailed in your retorts!

More on your birthday season will come in November, but I personally love the transition from Libra to Scorpio — flirty fun to moody sexiness. Take it step by step and enjoy the ride.


Dear Sag, I know October has started off on a kind of confusing foot. You’re the philosophizing, wandering type, and it certainly seems like we’ve waltzed into some alternate universe where truth is suddenly mutable. But if anyone can get to the bottom of an existential crisis, it’s you (assuming it holds your interest long enough).

On the 13th and 14th of October, the moon’s activity suggests that you’re about to have an intense knowledge growth spurt! The metaphorical fruits haven’t yet been borne, but the seeds are definitely sprouting. October is the time to start that book you’ve been meaning to pick up (or write!), or try out a free class online — you’ll get strong a sense of personal advancement and fulfillment from it.

You might feel a bit all over the place while Mercury is in Scorpio. My advice? Talk less and listen more. You’re on a quest for higher learning, but you can’t learn by only interrogating yourself! While on this journey, it’s possible that you could misspeak in a fit of intense curiosity or excitement. Be humble, be kind and apologize if you need to.

The tail end of October might feel like the last chapter in a detective novel — you will be on the precipice of making a big discovery. You will have collected all your facts and be ready to release your conclusions onto the world! And you’ll sound extremely eloquent while doing it, too.


Hi, hi, Cap-tain! I’ve climbed up the mast of the S. S. Space-Goat, put on my binoculars, and here’s what I see ahead: an October that’s prime for you to pause, take stock of all you’ve accomplished and say to yourself, “Okay, other people can handle this part.”

You’re used to tackling rough seas on your own, but Libra season (that’s until the 23rd) is the moment to ask others for help. Sure, maybe no one will do the job quite how you want ‘em to — but that doesn’t mean they won’t do it right! Cut everyone some slack, including you.

In mid-October, the first quarter moon will be in your sign. This particular moon phase is associated with progress — it’s happening with or without you, so might as well take a breather. The cake is in the oven. It’s rising! You’ve done your part, now trust it will turn out fantastic.

If you’re having trouble articulating plans, you’ll best be able to communicate your intentions when Mercury enters Scorpio on the 11th. Are you leading a group project or managing a team? This is when you can lay out exactly what you want! Oh, and be cautious regarding finances and budgeting this month. Be on the lookout for fake checks and late checks!


You know that Twitter thing where people write, “Ugh, her MIND!” to semi-jokingly compliment celebrities, inanimate objects and other miscellaneous things? That’s you, Aquarius, through and through. You have the wildest ideas, but somehow, they (almost) always make sense.

October is a thoughtful month for you water-bearers. You’re going to enjoy Libra season because you rule the 11th House and that is the House of Friendship. In that aspect, Libra — like Red Bull — will give you wings (not sponsored).

Are there any acquaintances that you’ve been avoiding? I’m sorry to say that Venus in retrograde may cause them to pop back up. That’s just what’s in the stars. However! You know how to be diplomatic — don’t be afraid to politely turn them away or simply hit that block button. There will be no serious consequences. Who cares what your old summer camp roommate has to say about the Supreme Court? BLOCK!

The 17th, 18th and 19th are going to be the biggest days for Aquarius this October. The moon will be transitioning while in your sign, and you’ll feel a strong sense of pride as whatever you’ve been working on finally comes to fruition. Not unlike when you play in the children’s section at natural history museums and you’re brushing and brushing and brushing away at fake sandpits, and SUDDENLY…gleaming fake dinosaur bones emerge.

Oh yeah, it’s all happening. Ugh, your MIND!


This is kiiind of dark, but I was looking up better ways to describe the House that you rule — the 12th — and the first description that popped up was: “Prison.” This certainly adds another dimension to the term “12.” Of course, little fish, you do not rule prisons. What it means is that you really get boundaries. You truly understand when it’s okay to put up walls and when to gently press others for information.

Because of this emotional talent, I think you’ll have an easy time navigating Pluto coming out of retrograde. While most of the other signs will be getting tripped up by old memories, you will have no difficulty powering forward while brushing old annoyances off your shoulder. You might feel more interior than normal, but it’s not something that’s going to have a serious effect on your life. Think of it as a time for some quiet introspection!

Neptune is also in your sign, where it will remain retrograde for a bajillion more years (okay, it’s actually just 7). As a result of these two planetary movements, you will find yourself receiving a ton of psychic messages. Not, like, from ghosts, but from the universe. It’s feeding you secret information that no one else is privy to. You’re the TMZ of outer space, getting hot tips about the future. And the time has come for you to start interpreting that astrological 4-1-1.

Pay attention to any weird coincidences. Have things been occurring in threes? Does your new roommate have the same name as your childhood goldfish (RIP)? I don’t know what it all means — it’s you who’s about to draw some conclusions! This hidden knowledge stuff is going to be extra strong with the full moon in Taurus on the 24th. Cobwebs will be cleared away. You’ll be able to truly SEE. Tell me your secrets, Pisces! What are the heavens saying?!

Illustration by Cynthia Merhej. 

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