Office Apropos: 35 More Summer Outfits We Wore Last Week

Team MR Summer Office Apropos

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It’s us again! Back for another installment of Summer 2019 Office Apropos that’s bathed in sunlight, sprinkled with sweat, and ready to be perused. Since joining Team MR I have come to look forward to the daily, weekly, and monthly outfit inspiration that springs from inside the office each morning. But seasonal inspiration? That’s something I never anticipated needing so much. In this, our second Office Apropos for the summer, I spied the perfect pair of lime green sandals, another Staud bag I wish I owned, and six pairs of shorts (apologies in advance to everyone who’s office dress codes wouldn’t allow such free-legging.) May you find what you’re looking for too!

Amalie, Day 1:

Today in this dress I felt 50% like I came straight off the plane from Copenhagen Fashion Week and 50% like I just descended from a biblical mount holding tablets. In any case, I love a Midsommar moment, and I love that I can run for my life in these sneakers.

Amalie, Day 2:

I bought these Loewe sunglasses for my birthday so I can always look like an extraterrestrial. And Marc Jacobs. In addition, I had these chinos tailored to fit me just right, which was maybe the kindest thing I’ve ever done for myself. I love them. I went to Moulin Rouge in this outfit and was suddenly shamed for my muted palette, something I divert to in summer months where I am -40% excited about clothes.

Amalie, Day 3:

I felt a bit like p**p this day, but my cow print clogs off-set that. I had seen Eliz marching through the office in hers from Tory Burch and said to myself “there has to be a cheap dupe.” And lo, there was and it was good. In addition, I want to point out that these Tibi pants are maybe the best summer pant to ever come into existence and I got them for a fraction of the price (I’m sry!!). I’ve worn them everywhere from the high seas to, like, breakfast tacos.

Amalie, Day 4:

I think this headband kind of made my head look like an egg, but eggs are cute, no? I truly do NOT wear shorts to work seeing as I am a (many times mentioned) summer pants person, but also from being conditioned by more corporate environments where denim shorts would have been met with a scowl. In any case, it was fun to let my legs breathe. And these sandals I have worn into the ground, this summer. Don’t sleep on lime green footwear!

Amalie, Day 5:

This morning I came straight from a workout class to work, which is always a bummer. HOWEVER, this dress changed that up for me because it was so lightweight and easy to throw on. P.S. I love Holiday the Label’s prints. I wear their Kokomo pants religiously in all seasons because I’ve never found a pant that fits me quite like they do. This dress is no exception! I wore it with a lil tee underneath so my *cough* ladies didn’t get too chilled, and then threw on white platform Tevas that I’ve worn so much they’re more… off-white not by Virgil Abloh. Okay I’m done thanks for joining.

Andrea, Day 1:

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of sailor pants for what feels like forever, and if you’re also looking, FYI Front General Store has many and they are GOOD. This top can be worn forward or backward and I love a versatile item! I really wanted to wear my Birks but I’ve worn them almost daily for two weeks and it felt like time for a change, so I threw on these yellow/gold-ish textured MNZ mules that change colors slightly with the light which amuses me! They were a sample sale find that I thought I wouldn’t get much use out of but have surprisingly worn them a lot this summer.

Andrea, Day 2:

Going on about Front General Store again but they also have a gr8 selection of vintage silk shirts! Probably not the best choice for a muggy day, but I felt like wearing color which is pretty rare for me. Yes, I consider dark green that could be mistaken for black in this photo a color. These Zara pants are v comfy and are the perfect amount of slouchy but still cinched at the waist which is basically my dream come true.

Andrea, Day 3:

Sometimes picking out two articles of clothing is too much for my not-a-morning-person brain so I have about 20 jumpsuits and this is one of them! It’s another recent Zara purchase and I find myself throwing it on at least once a week. This is the second day this week that I wanted to my Birks but they somehow felt off with the jumpsuit, so I opted for shiny silver flats that are just as comfy but definitely not as breathable.

Andrea, Day 4:

Thrifted shirtdress -- similar here, Ecupper pants, Maryam Nassir Zadeh shoes Thrifted shirtdress -- similar here, Ecupper pants, Maryam Nassir Zadeh shoes

Years ago, my friend Sarah texted from a thrift store with a photo of this shirt (dress? shirtdress?) and said “$12, you want?” Of course I wanted the most oversized white button-down frock that could be worn in many ways and to many places including the beach and the office (if that’s not versatility idk what is). It was hot and I wanted to wear the loosest clothing possible, so threw on these linen pants from Amazon that I have in a few colors and don’t intend to stop wearing. My trusty MNZ slides are another item I don’t intend to stop wearing ever!

Andrea, Day 5:

This is my other non-jumpsuit go-to pairing when I can’t get dressed in the morning and definitely also makes a weekly appearance but with different shoes and accessories.

Dasha, Day 1:

This is me all summer—18 different ways to wear a slip dress. I got this perfect slip dress on sale at Need Supply. Seriously though, if you don’t wear shorts because maybe they don’t work for the proportions of your body or maybe you’ve had two kids and they give you severe camel toe, try slip dresses for when it’s really hot outside and you need to dress up, dress down, dress all around.

Dasha, Day 2:

In the summer I have a real problem dressing for the transition of my commute to the office AC. I walk to work and feel really good outside and then I’m freezing when I get to the office. The reality is I’m spending more time during the work week in the office and the freezing cold AC than I am sweating my way through the steamy streets. Enter white denim jacket: summer wardrobe-friendly chill bump eradicator. Try it. Also, just a note that these mules are the most comfortable dressy-ish shoe. I can walk 5 miles through the city in them—no blisters, no debilitating foot pain.

Dasha, Day 3:

I call this look “Easter in August.”

Dasha, Day 4:

My husband said I look like a nurse and I kind of agree, but I’m very fond of a head to toe white look for peak summer heat.

Dasha, Day 5:

This is what the 35-year-old me wishes I could tell the 16-year-old me to wear to prom, but instead I’m wearing it to work.

Patty, Day 1:

I love all of my shoes but this boot is my favorite child, evidenced by the fact that I insist on wearing them during bad summer. Pants are H&M, top is Reformation, bright orange hoops are from a little shop at the Jersey shore.

Patty, Day 2:

Dress for the season you want right?! Was I warm? Yes. Was the office AC on blast? Yes. Did my kitten heel get caught in the woven straw rug in the office living room and did I almost go down? Mmhmm. Worth it? 96% sure that it was. This was probably my fave outfit of the week. I felt like a chic gourd that perhaps Moira from Schitt’s Creek would approve of if Moira approved of wearing color of any kind outside of lip stains.

Patty, Day 3:

These pants are the kind of old school embroidered cotton leisure-wear that I imagine people wore before leggings ruled the earth. I love them. These are also the most truly comfortable everyday sandals. And fun fact: this yellow plaid pack can fit a whole bottle of bug spray AND sunscreen along with all of my other essentials. Magic.

Patty, Day 4:

Thrifted shirt -- similar here, H&M shorts, Sperry sneakers Thrifted shirt -- similar here, H&M shorts, Sperry sneakers

Crystal asked us a month or so ago what our summer style persona is and my answer was a kid who refused to change out of her pajamas for school. That kid is clearly at the wheel here.

Patty, Day 5:

Harling told me last summer that these were the perfect white denim shorts and that it was very rude that no one else could have them as I had thrifted them in Savannah and then cut them myself BUT GUESS WHAT PPL I FOUND THE SAME EXACT PAIR BELOW!!!!!

Hillary, Day 1:

I’m in the middle of dealing with super low iron so the thought of putting in a lot of effort has been physically draining the past couple weeks. But I’m starting to feel better and I’ve been giving my outfit themes which has made me excited to get dressed in the morning (it’s the little things people). I actually have an iron treatment today so I have to go cozy and thought “what would Wednesday Addams wear if she had to go to tennis camp?” This shirt is one of my absolute favorites, it’s from a shop in my hometown that works with local artists to design unique, Tennessee-focused shirts and they are the softest! Because both the MR and doctor’s offices are chilly I have been toting around this self-dyed sweatshirt which is my new theme of summer.

Hillary, Day 2:

Free People top -- similar here, Zara skirt, All Saints shoes Free People top -- similar here, Zara skirt, All Saints shoes

One of the side effects of my iron treatment is bloating and today I am bloated. Which means no jeans and the humidity is at a balmy high so I opted for a skirt that makes me (and every other woman in NY clearly) feel breezy, a fringed suede crop top which makes me feel like a cowboy, and my favorite ankle boots that were a congratulations splurge that I bought myself! I didn’t have much more than comfort-but-not-pjs in mind while picking this out, but a friend DM’d me saying my outfit was “very Shania Twain” and you know what, that did impress me (much).

Hillary, Day 3:

We’re in a heatwave! And not the cute sing along kind unfortunately. It is hot and, worse, it is humid. I basically didn’t get dressed this morning. I’m wearing pajama shorts and the lightest socially acceptable top I can wear in public but also not freeze in the office AC. I plan on running to Morgenstern’s later and thus adding an ice cream stain to this shirt. Give me those bad summer vibes.

Hillary, Day 4:

I’ve had this Uniqlo shirt forever but I never wore it because it felt too formal, too school uniform-y. But a few weeks ago I was doing some tie dying at home and decided to give this blouse a shot at a new life and I can’t get enough of it. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and it feels like an elevated way to wear something funky. These are my favorite pants from Everlane! I have them in no less than 3 colors already.

Hillary, Day 5:

These are my secret favorite pants. Not a secret because I never wear them, but secret because they come from a brand that for years I hadn’t thought about. By fate one day I spilled a cup of coffee all over my pants and the closest store was an Old Navy, I popped in and tried these pants on and was sold. I’ve been really impressed with the quality and wear of these. I’ve had them for a few years now and I bought a second pair recently for when these wear out. They’ve got just enough stretch to breath and still feel fitted, but being a pant vs a jean they instantly feel more formal if needed.

Maggie, Day 1:

I’ve never thought of myself as a skirt/sneaker combo kinda gal but with this pairing, I think I got one step closer. The skirt is a gem found on The RealReal and it’s a teeny bit scand-o-lous with the sheer waist so it calls for a nice pair of bike shorts to be office-appropriate (if a sheer skirt could ever be considered office-appropriate).

Maggie, Day 2:

Just need to give a big thank you to Leandra for having GR8 taste in shoes. I snagged these bad boys at the Man Repeller x Object Limited Closet Sale a few months back and my life has never been the same. Also, life hack: If you wake up late and don’t have time to shower, just turn to your trusty coconut oil to give ya the slicked back low bun of your dreams.

Maggie, Day 3:

Intentionally Blank shoes, NEED trousers, vintage men's shirt -- similar here Intentionally Blank shoes, NEED trousers, vintage men's shirt -- similar here

I got this shirt from a thrift store while I was living in Hong Kong and it says “Your Secret Is Safe With Me”—a little creepy but a lot of fun. Also, I’m pretty sure these are men’s pants but I loved them so much I got them tailored to fit and want to wear them every day. They are the perfect color combo to make me feel like I should be in the cast of Caddyshack, but, like, in a cool way.

Maggie, Day 4:

Urban Outfitters shoes, Zara top, vintage Calvin Klein shorts, vintage chainmail belt -- similar here Urban Outfitters shoes, Zara top, vintage Calvin Klein shorts, vintage chainmail belt -- similar here

Boy, I really do love a good babydoll silhouette, huh? I’m so glad it came back in style. Also, unpopular opinion, I’m secretly waiting for low rise denim to make a comeback.

Maggie, Day 5:

This was my mid-week, rainy day outfit look that a) did NOT suit the temperature outside b) DID suit the temperature in the office. You win some you lose some. Also, these pants were a major win because they were majorly discounted due to a broken zipper and poorly tie dyed-tie dye. But I bought them two sizes too big because I loved them so much. SO. I repeat. You win some you lose some.

Jean, Day 1:

This was my first day with green hair so I was feeling good!! I wanted to be seen! And what better way to do that than with as many patterns as possible? I typically don’t wear snakeskin or fur or anything because I’m a big cruelty-free person, but when I do, it’s always synthetic, and I try to make it as ridiculous as possible. A snakeskin shoe is extravagant but pants and shoes is absurd. Which is exactly how I want to look 87% of the time.

Jean, Day 2:

This morning I woke up early and watched the sunset, which 100% influenced what I wore that day. I focused on warm colors, busy patterns, and overall feeling cozy. Speaking of, can you believe that shiny pants can be comfortable?! Look how relaxed I am. Look how chilllllllll. These are simultaneously the pants I go dancing in and that I throw on to answer my door when the Postmates delivery person arrives. I love them very much.

Jean, Day 3:

Oh boy I was really hoping my puffy red eyes would not be apparent but alas! I’m sick. It was a priority to be comfortable and warm. I wish I had more to say but the fact of the matter is this outfit resulted from not feeling well and waking up at my boyfriend’s place. Thus I give you: the doing my best!

Jean, Day 4:

Thrifted shirt -- similar here, LRS Studio one of a kind skirt -- another here, thrifted shoes -- similar here Thrifted shirt -- similar here, LRS Studio one of a kind skirt -- another here, thrifted shoes -- similar here

Sometimes I wake up and have no idea what I want to wear, and once my tiny apartment floor is covered with clothes that I have tried on and concluded to be all wrong for me, I invent a character and dress like them instead! This one was “girl who is on ecstasy and is she really into the way things FEEL.” I played with texture as much as I possibly could: beads, sequins, embroidery, sticky lip gloss.

Jean, Day 5:

Thrifted shirt -- similar here, Gap shorts, Dolls Kill shoes -- another option here, Repeller earring, vintage necklace -- similar hereThrifted shirt -- similar here, Gap shorts, Dolls Kill shoes -- another option here, Repeller earring, vintage necklace -- similar here

This look was inspired by the fact that I realized I had hidden my legs all week. I woke up knowing these babies needed to shine! I put this outfit together and thought it was cute, but as I’m sure you’ve gathered by now I’m not satisfied without a LOT of bright color, so I strapped on my glitter boots (a Jean Pflum staple) and put some lipstain on my eyelids (I know it sounds ridiculous but it works like a DREAM)!


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