Office Apropos: 4 Outfits to Copy While It’s Still Warm Enough

Question: What would you wear if your parents were coming to town tomorrow? Would it be vastly different to the outfit you’d wear to MRHQ for a Good Evening panel? How about the outfit you’d wear to spend half a day staring at a photo of Ashley Olsen on your computer screen? Curious to know how your answers would compare to those of four familiar others? Well, lucky you, because we have outfits to suit each of these incredibly specific situations and more below!

ICYMI, you can also see what everyone wore on Wednesday, Tuesday, and Monday.


I was feeling pretty good about this outfit when I put it on in the morning. Cool shirt! I thought to myself. I love these jeans! I also thought to myself. Things were looking up. Then Austin took it upon himself to tell me I resembled a Russian cossack dancer as he was blithely kissing me goodbye, seemingly unaware that he was planting a seed that would grow into the weed otherwise known as outfit doubt, because while there is nothing wrong with resembling a Russian cossack dancer, it wasn’t the vibe I was trying to cultivate. And once the connection was made I couldn’t un-see it, especially after Austin texted me this photo a few hours later. I still think the shirt is cool and I still love the jeans, but I probably won’t pair them together again.


Frankie Shop blazer -- similar here, Aritzia turtleneck tank, thrifted skirt -- similar here, Tibi boots -- others hereFrankie Shop blazer -- similar here, Aritzia turtleneck tank, thrifted skirt -- similar here, Tibi boots -- others here

I woke up this morning wanting to bare a little leg, inspired by my consistently leg-baring colleagues. I’m a little more timid about it because I have villainous leg hair that likes to prickle in the slightest breeze, so I opted for a Mango skirt I got secondhand last year, knee-high Tibi boots I scored at their sample sale, and the Frankie Shop blazer I bought specifically for fashion week in February (which feels cute to me now). I felt comfortable in the outfit all day, happy about the proportions, even though today was a blur while wrapping up a piece about half of Ashley Olsen and also fielding comments on my most recent Ask MR that really made me think.


I told you I’m into flares and Mango does some really good ones. I probably wear these at least once a week. Today was a big one: Three meetings before 11 a.m., a lunch for a very exciting collaboration in the works for next year, a site visit to a soon-to-open photography museum, a Good Evening panel between Leandra and Emma Gannon, followed by dinner with my parents who just flew in from London. It’s safe to say my feet were in agony by midnight when the boots finally came off!


Another (!) outfit almost entirely second hand—but now I’m just bragging. My parents are visiting me for the first time since I’ve moved to NYC today and I am just so! EXCITED! (I love visitors.) I wanted to make sure my outfit communicated “Look! Don’t worry about me! I’m doing fine on my own. I work a cool job and I’m, like, really professional now, guys. But not too, too professional.” Did I do that? They’ll probably never be convinced but A for effort, right?

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