Office Apropos: Fall 2016 (Part 2!)



Oh please, Louise, this isn’t a competition! I just needed an excuse to send out a bunch of exclamation points and get you in the mood for a sartorial click-fest. What we have here is Round 2 of Man Repeller’s Fall 2016 Office Apropos featuring Emily Zirimis and Krista Anna Lewis of Team Visuals, Elizabeth Tamkin who handles a shit ton of the site’s market work, Harling Ross whose face you may or may not recognize from Snapchat and Yvonne Dunlevie who schools me daily on SEO and analytics.

These creative women were shot during Election Week — a particularly interesting time to get dressed when considering the before, the during and the after. Click through for outfit inspiration, yes, but also their thought processes. They look great, for sure, but what a reminder of how we communicate (sometimes subconsciously!) through our clothes.

Want more looks? Click here.

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis and Elizabeth Tamkin.

Team Repeller

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