Fall Office Apropos Is Here—Shaken, With a Twist

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It’s my belief that the best way to enjoy the delights of life is to savor them. I pace my way through books I know I could devour in a day, space out viewings of my favorite TV shows instead of bingeing in a single Sunday, and when I buy something new, I’ll often save it for a “special” first wear—even if that’s just dinner with a friend. This is why it thrilled the crap out of me when Leandra suggested we publish our fall edition of Office Apropos over the course of two weeks, instead of in two overwhelming days.

To kick off week #1, Leandra, Crystal, Haley, Eliz, and Patty will share everything they wore last week, one day at a time. And next week, you’ll have a whole new batch. As you nibble through the bite-sized installments of the same Office Apropos you know (and love?), I recommend keeping a snack handy—for metaphor’s sake! Also because I just want the best for you. Anyway: Here’s what everyone wore to work last Monday when the temperature was 61 and partly cloudy.


I ran the fuck out of my apartment this morning at 8:15 a.m. to make it uptown for a laser appointment, which wouldn’t normally feel that early and I guess wasn’t given that I’d been up from 6:30 a.m. negotiating with toddlers on the topic of laying horizontally while I attempted to change diapers. (So far the only thing that works to make this happen is giving them a thermometer to play with, but recently it broke and I am shit out of luck.) Anyway, at like, 8 a.m. I realized I had to leave so I went into my closet and defaulted to the newest thing in it, which is this pair of The Row pants. I got them at a sample sale for $140 and envisioned wearing them with New Balance sneakers because I was inspired by the styling on this model on the SSENSE site. I paired it with this Fabiana Pigna top, which was a ~gift~ from the designer (it reminds me of this Khaite one). If I had more time this morning, I’d have included some other element—a turquoise necklace? Earrings of a sort? Maybe a chain to wear around my waist. I’m not exactly sure but I aim to surprise myself and today, I did not do that.


I’ve been sick with a cold for what feels like 47 years, so getting dressed in comfy clothes is the name of this here game for the foreseeable future! It’s not really cold enough for hats yet, but my couch says otherwise!!! I also had a bunch of meetings and an event to go to today, so I had to step up my game (read: not wear actual sweats filled with tissues). This outfit was a nice intersection of “put me on a couch, then leave me alone” and “Hi, I’m here to take on the day!”.


Tibi pinafore dress -- similar here, & Other Stories sweater and boots, A.P.C. bag Tibi pinafore dress -- similar here, & Other Stories sweater and boots, A.P.C. bag

I don’t typically wear skirts and dresses, but I broke form for this Tibi pinafore, which I borrowed from the brand for a wedding even though I didn’t ultimately wear it to the wedding because I wasn’t sure it was nice enough. (I impulse-bought this dress from Baum und Pferdgarten instead, which was maybe the most fun I’ve ever had wearing a dress.) I paired the pinafore with this sweater I got from & Other Stories last winter and a pair of & Other Stories boots I got this fall. Brand alignment accidental. I’ve been wearing these boots a lot already; they check all my boot boxes and I’m interested to see how well they last over the season. I liked this outfit but in the end I kind of wished I were in pants, since all I did today was sit at my computer and type. I tried!


I wore this exact outfit for approximately seven minutes last week when I was in London, but had to change from shorts to jeans—and then consequently changed the shoes too, because I didn’t like the way the boots looked anymore. It was freezing cold and raining (oh London, you are so damn predictable). This late October day in NYC though, it’s nearing 70 so I can make this work! The boots are my favorite new boots by Aeyde (and they are fine in light precipitation!), the shorts are running shorts, and the sweater is a vintage find from Etsy and is cozy as hell. When untucked, it goes past my knees. I like the silhouette of this outfit and, with no shock to literally anyone, I’m going to wear shorts as long as I can.


Sies Marjan sweater - similar here, Creatures of Comfort wrap skirt -- similar here, Veda jacket, Manolo Blahnik boots Sies Marjan sweater - similar here, Creatures of Comfort wrap skirt -- similar here, Veda jacket, Manolo Blahnik boots

I don’t swap my clothes seasonally but I do re-arrange seasonally. Before I could relegate this floral skirt to the deep back, cheap seats of my closet, it caught my eye and polished off an otherwise classically fall ensemble of knit, jacket, boots. A happy Monday to all! Free your closet from seasons!


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