Office Apropos: 4 Outfits for an Unusually Warm Fall Day

If you like your maximalism served with a healthy dollop of pattern-clashing and color-blocking, I hate to disappoint you but today’s Office Apropos is all about the neutrals. It was a toasty 66 degrees the day we shot the below and it appears Harling, Amalie, Jasmin, and Maggie decided to leave all autumnal color responsibilities with the leaves (that are most definitely starting to turn in New York).

Before you scroll on—here’s your daily reminder that we’re publishing fall Office Apropos one day at a time, so you can see what everyone wore on Tuesday here and Monday here.


I looked at my calendar and the weather app before getting dressed and determined that a) my schedule was pretty straightforward (i.e. no shoots or other curveballs, besides the fact that I was hosting a game night in my apartment later that evening) and b) it was pretty balmy outside–basically the October version of April 25th. Light jackets akimbo! I didn’t have any reason for subsequently deciding to wear all white other than it appealed to my gut. Later that evening, at the aforementioned game night, I sipped red wine in my all-white outfit and my guests were appropriately impressed. We didn’t end up playing any games though. Unless you count the game of life.


If I don’t look like a freshly widowed Georgian-Era Englishwoman that got Kate & Leopold-ed to 2019 approximately six months ago, then who am I? I feel like I accomplished that here. I don’t normally wear all black, but I really wanted to wear these pants (from the perfect gals at Veda) and I wanted to wear this top (handmade in France by a mother-daughter duo) so I made it happen with a tissue turtleneck, a headband, and shock-white western boots just because… this is who I am. I went to the Gucci SS20 press preview in this outfit and was suddenly shamed by all the fully Gucci-fied mannequins, who made me want to pull on logo undies that stick out of my waistband and sleeve-length patent leather white gloves. I believe THAT would be peak “me.”


In hindsight it was probably still a bit too warm to pull out this jacket but I had such an urge to wear it. We were shooting for an upcoming editorial with a brand partner which took place in a park and it was then that I started to feel really warm in it. But it only gets a short window of airtime each year so I felt it important to take full advantage. I feel like I really should have had more elaborate plans for after work but I really didn’t, this whole look was home by around 6:45 p.m.


Maria Guedes Lisboa sweater, Mango jacket -- similar here, vintage linen shorts -- similar here, G.H. Bass Weejuns loafers, knee-high stockingsMaria Guedes Lisboa sweater, Mango jacket -- similar here, vintage linen shorts -- similar here, G.H. Bass Weejuns loafers, knee-high stockings

This was NOT what I planned to wear today but I AM happy this is where I landed. My original look leaned a *touch* too much on the side of Mrs. Claus and I just couldn’t do it. I’m glad I landed more on the side of prep school drop-out. Pretty much ALL of this outfit is secondhand, and honestly, I just L-O-V-E when that happens. Makes me feel even better throughout my day. I was a hardcore thrifter growing up and I’m so glad the concept is becoming more and more relevant in the world of fashion. Trash = treasure.

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