Office Apropos: 5 Outfits for a Positively Balmy October Day

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It’s officially Thursday and that means it’s time to pet something soft and/or alive, then share, discuss, and unpack what Leandra, Crystal, Haley, Eliz, and Patty wore to work last week when it was a balmy 66 degrees. There’s a fringe jacket! A tie-dye sock! A love letter to a sweater! What more could you want? Meet you at the bottom of this hot fudge autumnal sundae.

P.S. In case you missed it: We’re publishing our fall 2019 edition of Office Apropos one day at a time. Here’s Monday here’s Tuesday and here’s Wednesday!


So I do this thing where when I have an outfit idea, I write it out as a note in my iPhone and over time, a list of hundreds of outfit descriptions have piled up (I can show it to you if you’d like, but it’s probably not super legible). I tell myself I’ll use it when I’m tired or in a rush or just can’t think straight but it’s rare that I ever actually consult the note. For some reason, having it offers me a curious sense of certainty or security or something, and as fare would have it, this morning, because I was in a rush, and pretty tired, AND kind of couldn’t think straight, I did use it! To my chagrin, however, the outfit I’m wearing wasn’t catalogged. I thought about putting on a plaid skirt by Tory Burch with a navy blue sweater and shin-length grey socks with black suede wedge sandals but remembered that I have a triad of meetings uptown from 1 to 3, so instead put on what I have assumed as my transition-to-Fall uniform: this suede jacket with ripped jeans and — October 24th coming in hot! — flip flops.


Okay, so after a week full of questionable comfy clothes, I felt like I needed to get a little (JUST a little) structure in my life. I decided to go with my Haley Nahman starter kit outfit. Slacks with a high break, good socks and sturdy shoes. I topped it with a hoodie and a heavier jacket and have been sweating since Nostrand Avenue, but i just can’t get this weather situation. Haley approved, so all is right in the world.


I’m obsessed with this puffer coat. It’s from the Uniqlo x J.W. Anderson collection and I’m not even sure it’s cold enough to wear it today but I did it anyway. Truth be told I feel horrible today. I think I have a sinus infection? So I opted for comfort over anything. I took some cues from Harling with this shoe/pant pairing (she’s been wearing something similar a lot this fall and it looks GOOD), and went for my new comfort object known as this black sweater (I told you I’ve been wearing it a lot). Plans today? To push through some important deadlines and meetings then go to the doctor and burrow under my duvet.


This outfit was born mid-summer when I found this sweater on — you guessed it — Etsy and plopped it in my cart waiting for the days to get cooler and for it to be worth the purchase. Months later, nobody had yet searched “Chunky fair isle large collar grey cardigan” apparently, and it was mine! The cardigan was warm enough to wear as my outerlayer because it wasn’t too cold today. Hence the denim shorts that are just barely peaking out there. I fulfilled my loafer dreams from 2 days ago with these new Labucq loafers I got at their recent pop up in NoLiTa. They passed The Bridge Test*! This is my favorite silhouette — chunky sweater, no pants, and statement shoes.

*Bridge Test is when I walk the bridge to work in said shoes.


My great grandfather immigrated to New York from Pietracupa, Italy in 1921 when he was 20 years old, lived on Spring Street, and eventually opened up a custom suit shop on 5th avenue. Pictures of my dad and his siblings growing up are hilarious because for any special occasion these youths would be outfitted to the nines in hand-made Italian finery. Anywho, I share this Carnevale family lore because this is the FIRST Italian suit that I’ve ever owned and I get the hype. I do.

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