Office Apropos: 4 Fall Outfits to Copy Next Time It Rains

I love taking note of how people in the office style the same pieces different ways. They’re like superbly dressed Michelin-star chefs creating signature dishes out of the same store-bought ingredients. Today’s Office Apropos offers a perfect example of this vis-à-vis Harling and Amalie’s identical black AYR pants. Scroll down to see their delicious sartorial creations, proffered up on a drizzly 55-degree day.

Oh, and in case you’ve somehow missed it, we’re publishing fall Office Apropos one day at a time. Here’s what everyone wore on a recent Monday.


This is the third time I’ve worn this exact outfit in the past two weeks. I’ve worn the sweater alone even more than that. It’s the ideal oversized cardigan shape, which has eluded me for years. But back to the outfit–the reason I’ve been wearing it so much is because it’s been raining a lot and I’ve come to terms with the fact that I kind of hate rain boots, so sneakers–particularly these, because they have fun purple and yellow accents–feel like the ultimate 2-in-1 combo of water-resistant and outfit-enhancing instead of outfit-ruining. Because the outfit is so simple overall, I threw on a ton of bracelets and a pinky ring to jazz it up. I’m wearing all of this as I type and feeling great. I predict I will continue wearing this precise combo of pieces whenever it rains (or otherwise, honestly) all fall and winter.


Today I met up with one of my good friends from college who I’ve known since I was 18. Candidly, we did a cappella together (lol I’m not a saint, okay?!). She lives in Paris and I get to see her so infrequently that when I do it’s such a treat. I was up and out by 7 a.m. and eating chocolate loaf with her by 8 a.m. I threw on this Jacquemus top I scored via The RealReal which is me, but a top, as well as these pants that came directly from whatever deity does or does not exist (but actually AYR). I saw Harling wearing them a few weeks ago for a shoot and I immediately pulled the trigger, since they had been sitting in my cart for a long time. They fit like skin on a fruit and have the magical, mystical quality of being casual and professional at the same time. I recommend them… so much.


Two things I seem to be really into these days is wearing all black and also wearing flares. Today I brought the two together. I’m also very into these Massimo Dutti sweaters, I also have one in beige. I had a bunch of internal meetings today, nothing client-facing, but in the evening Crystal and I went to an event hosted by the Webbys so I guess I was dressed up enough for that, too.


Vintage cardigan -- similar here, old H&M pants -- similar here, Tibi bootsVintage cardigan -- similar here, old H&M pants -- similar here, Tibi boots

I was truly in a work-from-home mood today, mostly due to the impending rain, but meetings and general need for accountability kept me in the office. BUT that didn’t hold me back from dressing like I was still cozied up in bed with no fewer than six pillows piled around me. With these boots, I feel like I can finally have that put-together rainy day look I’ve always dreamed of, even if that look is completed by a glorified sweat suit.

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