Office Apropos: 4 Fall Outfits, 4 Very Good Pairs of Pants

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I cursed the colder months and the boring pants+sweater outfit equation they forced upon me and my wardrobe. However, dear reader, my opinion of these months and their perceived style rules has totally changed—mainly thanks to the endless reminders from my collogues that pants and sweaters need not be boring. Below, see four very different outfits featuring four very pleasing pairs of pants.

Oh, and if you haven’t already, might I gently suggest checking out what everyone wore on Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, and Monday.


I woke up wanting to wear a recently acquired pair of pants that I’m obsessed with, but since it was Friday I decided I would save them for a more important day of the week because I didn’t have much going on that day (does anyone else get dressed like this? If not, feel free to write me off as a loony tune and stop reading right here). As an alternative, I pulled on some khakis and a light blue sweater with a tiny monogram of my initials on the front. When I looked in the mirror I decided I looked like a practical parent en route to a PTA meeting and that felt perfect. To fully lean into the preppy theme, I put on monogrammed ballet flats and a khaki trench that coordinated with the pants. Then I decided I was looking TOO preppy so I swung my elbow underneath the purse equivalent of a disco ball.


Wake up and smell the street garbage, it’s casual Friday! Something you don’t know about me is that I’m a denim nut. I have about 25 pairs, vintage and new. Normally I would say “that’s absurd you don’t wear all those jeans, how wasteful,” but I do indeed wear every single pair. If I don’t wear a pair in over three months then I bring it back into the rotation and show it love. These FEEL jeans–which were a BIG denim purchase for me–fit unlike any other pair of pants I own, they’re a perfect straight leg with nice waist definition. I paired it with a cozy cardigan because it was a bit nippy, lol, and a pair of everyday loafers that I love.


Uniqlo sweater -- similar here, Marks & Spencer pants -- similar here, Adidas shoes --similar here Uniqlo sweater -- similar here, Marks & Spencer pants -- similar here, Adidas shoes --similar here

I walked into a meeting the other day and Leandra said, “Are those The Row pants?” and I was like, “Er no, they’re Marks and Spencer!” They discontinued the style last year but luckily I had the foresight to buy two pairs because I absolutely love them. They’re also super high waist so it’s like being hugged all day long. These are pretty much my Friday pants, a great entry into the weekend.


This is my “I’m going to the Guggenheim later” look. Not much else to it besides 1) comfy footwear and 2) need to look a little less American and little more German.

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