Office Apropos: 5 Outfits That Are Peak Fall

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In years past, fall felt like a chilling reminder that a New York winter was on its way, but this year I’ve been properly swayed by the fall enthusiasts around me. Suddenly, I’ve been embracing the crisp mornings with delight, especially when they’re as bright as this one was. Last Wednesday was sunny with a capital SUN and hit a pleasant high of 66 degrees. Here’s what Team MR wore to celebrate this platonic ideal of autumnal weather.

P.S. In case you missed it: We’re publishing our fall 2019 edition of Office Apropos one day at a time. Here’s Monday and Tuesday.


I’ve been up since 4:30 a.m.—my daughter woke me up and then I couldn’t go back to sleep. I’d planned to wear a sequined collarless jacket today with velvet pants and black and white loafers because I was visiting a nursery school uptown and wanted to look like a mother with her shit together, but didn’t end up taking that meeting because, you know, I don’t have my shit together, so instead retreated to a new cardigan from Scott Sternberg’s Entire World (it reminds me of the bradigan, how’d I do?) with jeans I got for $50 from the Creatures of Comfort sample sale before they went out of business last year. The shoes are Prada, I bought them from the Soho store right before the Jewish holidays because NEW YEAR, NEW ME! They were very expensive. The weather today was like 65 and super sunny so this is all I wore, though I do wish I’d included an actual bra under the cardigan because my nipples are chafing.


Crocs x Champion sweatsuit -- similar options here, Crocs x PizzaSlime shoes -- others here Crocs x Champion sweatsuit -- similar options here, Crocs x PizzaSlime shoes -- others here

Okay, I caved and wore an actually full-ass sweatsuit, but for good reason: It’s Croctober 23rd a.k.a. Croc Day. Am I a brand spokesperson, you ask? Do I get paid to wear Crocs you wonder? The answer is no and no. I truly just love the brand and feel free to fight me on this but there isn’t a more comfy shoe in existence. Crocs sent me this absurd sweatsuit as a thank you for actually paying money for the millions of Crocs I own and I was all too happy to oblige them in wearing this for Croc Day. Also, it’s not one of those shitty promo sweat suits, which is why I wore it. It’s a heavy but breathable Champion suit and I felt so comfy in it. Absurd looking but comfy, which is my general modus operandi anyhow.


Dare I speak more about this Tibi skirt? Everyone around me is sick of hearing about it, but it’s really that good. Like I said on Monday, I’m not really one for skirts and dresses, but this one doesn’t feel very traditionally femme to me. For some reason it reads more like a pair of casual pants. Either way, I’ve been looking forward to wearing it in a cold weather context, so I paired it with this long sweater I sometimes have trouble styling with jeans because of its length. It worked. The boots are from the recently launched women’s collection from Jack Erwin and they’re really good. Not sure I would style them like this again but I was excited to wear them so I forced it anyway. I wore this to Harling’s house after work and felt like I was lounging around in pajamas.


While I did have time to drop my humungo bag at the office before taking this photo, I appreciated how its checkerboard matches my knit mini dress (a recent purchase from Etsy), so I kept it with me. I usually carry a normal sized bag and a big bag daily because I’m often lugging clothing or samples or product to and from work. The aforementioned checker dress was purchased a week ago during one of my 6 a.m. Etsy scrolls. I love checker print this season and I was excited to score this knit mini dress for $30. Ask me about my hair! It was feeling like I over-conditioned it this morning but I didn’t and I don’t even use conditioner so today is a rare day in which I wore it up. I expected (and endured) a 3 p.m. headache.


Today was a rugged day for me so I dressed in what I consider my most resilient attire: Canadian tux, all-purpose trench, stomp-worthy boots, and my handy plaid pack. I have more than a dozen pockets on my person in this one ensemble. Yes, I counted. Hands free and ready to rumble.

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