Office Apropos: 5 Outfits for a Rainy Tuesday

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During the many conversations I’ve had with people about their favorite and least favorite days of the week, Tuesday rarely fares well. It lacks the fresh-start feeling of a Monday and doesn’t have any of the end-of-the-week magic that Thursday and Friday possess—it doesn’t even have a fun nickname like Wednesday a.k.a. hump! day! Which makes it even more impressive when I see people craft a truly :Italianchefkissesfingers: outfit despite it all. Here’s what everyone wore last Tuesday when it was 55-degrees and raining.

p.s. In case you missed it: We’re publishing our fall 2019 edition of Office Apropos one day at a time. Here’s Monday.


Apparently it’s going to rain today. I track weather like a hawk because I am compulsive about dressing how I want to dress but doing it within the parameters of what the weather will allow. For this particular installment of Leandra Gets Dressed for Work and Would Get Fired If She Worked in a Regular Office, I pair Lululemon kneecap leggings with a tweed jacket and the same turtleneck that I wore yesterday, but in a different color. The Celine brogues are from Vestiaire Collective—they belonged to a Celine employee, which I know because another employee told me that these were never for public consumption, they were cut specifically for the sales team. In case you’re wondering what’s on tap for today: in-office all morning. Taking my kids to a porty in Flatiron at 4 p.m., handing them off to Abie at 6 p.m., going to ~an event~ at 7 p.m. I’d have worn heels if I didn’t have to walk a lot.


Okay, full disclosure? I saw a mouse in my house last Friday, so today’s look is sponsored solely by fear. I woke up and sprinted to my closet/bed and grabbed, like six things and prayed to sweet baby Jesus that I could make fetch happen. Jury is still out on if fetch indeed happened, but I was feeling comfy and warm, which are literally my only two desires at the moment.


As I wrote in this story, my fall outfit formula consists of cropped trousers, a sweater, and some kind of structured outerwear. So when I woke up today and felt uninspired, I went straight for it. This sweater, which you can’t really see, is only about three weeks old, and I’ve already worn it over 10 times. Everything about it is perfect: the funnel collar that stays up, the slightly cropped length so I don’t have to tuck it, the knit material that holds its shape. It’s also super warm and comfortable. Should I keep talking about the sweater? I don’t have much to report about my day otherwise, I just sat at a computer all day. 🙁


I didn’t feel so great this morning when I woke up staring into the 5 a.m. darkness, which is when I usually concept my outfit for the day. I had grand plans to wear heeled loafers until I looked at both the forecast and my schedule and decided that walking across downtown Manhattan called for sneakers. I didn’t feel like wearing even the shortest of heels, nor did I want to wear the mini skirt I was excited about when falling asleep. When I don’t feel great, I usually try to wear the best outfit I can wear because it instantly makes me feel more secure and more like myself. I should have worn the loafers.


A couple of weeks ago, Sabrina recommended Judi Rosen’s jeans in our team Slack channel and I am so happy she did. They’re definitely an investment but they give the reassuring hug of a gravity blanket at my hips and waist and flow everywhere else. In addition to internal and external meetings today I also had voice lessons, it’s pretty remarkable to wear a high-waist number this form-fitting that still allows me to breathe down into my gut and belt. Is the magic in the linen cotton blend fabric? Or the artful construction? Or the full front pockets and small back pockets? Whatever it is, I’m here for it.

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