Office Apropos: Spring 2017, Part 2


Well, how much did that suck for the first group? They were up last week, which means they were photographed the week before, essentially drenched in sky sneezes. Frankly, they deserve one more round of applause for looking great while sopping wet. We’ve just been so ready to whip out our spring clothes, you know? We thought speeding up the Office Apropos process would jump-start the weather. Apparently, as evidenced by group two, we were right.

Enjoy now as Leandra (on Passover), Amelia (on blazers), Haley (on a new haircut in spite of the Venus retrograde), Harling (on Easter) and Shari (at the DJ sound booth of life) interpret spring for ~the work week.~


Photos by Edith Young.

Team Repeller

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