Office Apropos: 25 Spring Outfits We Wore Last Week

With temperatures surging as high as 90 degrees over the past two weeks, it sort of feels like New York time-traveled straight from winter to summer, skipping spring altogether. This strange reality was particularly apparent when the denizens of Man Repeller HQ set out to shoot the springtime edition of Office Apropos and nary a light jacket was required. Maybe one or two snuck their way in there on Day 4, but for the most part, this particular workday style dispatch is filled with bare shoulders aplenty. For that reason it might err more on the side of inspiration for posttransitional weather style, which I always find more satisfying than the in-between stuff anyways.

Even more satisfying, though, is Team MR’s recent growth spurt, which has resulted in even more Office Apropos participants (there’s a whole other batch coming in hot next week) and even more outfit ideas. Every time I flip through the below slideshow my frontal cortex gets increasingly crowded with grand plans for how I intend to clothe myself in the coming months. I can’t wait to tie a silk kerchief around my neck like a pointy bib, for example; or wear head-to-toe white save for a pair of lavender shoes; or part my hair down the middle and wear two miniature clips on either side; or wear shorts underneath a partially buttoned dress; or pair white socks with platform sandals. Take a flip yourself and let me know which sartorial seeds plant themselves in the fertile ground of your OMG-it’s-finally-sunny-out imagination.

Photos by Edith Young. 

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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