Office Apropos: 20 Warm-Weather Outfits We Wore Last Week

Everyone always asks me, “Amelia, do the writers at Man Repeller even wear clothes?” And usually I say no, because I love a little drama. Then I wonder why they asked, so I ask that (ugh, it’s a whole thing). Their typical response has something to do with the fact that writers can write from anywhere, so why wouldn’t we work from home where the air-conditioning flows and the lines for the bathroom are short and nudity is HR-approved? It’s a fair point. However, we do prefer to congregate in an office, and we’re not yet approved to be a nudist colony. So here’s what we wear to work!

Vote us off the island in the comments below and then get stoked for part two of Office Apropos, featuring the other half of our creative wolf pack, which is coming in hot next week.

Photos by Edith Young.

Team Repeller

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