Office Apropos: Making a Case for Tights in the Middle of Winter

Office Apropos

Welcome to Office Apropos Winter 2020! It’s the first Office Apropos of the decade and the second in our new publishing format, in which we share the outfits we wore to work one day at a time. Below are six outfits we wore to work on a winter Tuesday.

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Greetings from me & my new favorite pants. I’ve had them for a while, but recently got them tailored so the flare was more subtle and the hems were a little shorter and now they’re my platonic ideal. On the schedule today is a lot of sitting at a desk hunched over a screen like Gollum, a work-mandated midday nap (story forthcoming), and an event after work to celebrate a collab between my favorite weed magazine and my favorite robe brand. But frankly I didn’t think about any of that when I got dressed, I just knew I wanted to wear the pants, then added a bunch of random things in my closet until it felt appropriately chaotic, because pairing them with neutrals seemed too obvious. If I could redo high school this is how I’d dress.


I have about 20+ outfits listed in the Notes section on my phone right now. It’s comprised of outfits inspired by old movies characters, new Fall 2020 runway looks and lookbooks, and girls I follow on Instagram. I referred to it this morning, uninspired to get dressed, but wound up wearing none of them. Grey wool pants and sneakers didn’t feel like me, shorts and knee high boots will come, but not today. So I went for these tights instead, designed and hand-dyed by my friend Emily Dawn Long, and just pulled colors out of them to choose the rest. And now, here we are with shorts on a freezing cold day and shoes that I really should be wearing with thicker socks. Happy Tuesday!


Guys, it’s cold. Too cold. Way too cold. I’m dressing for warmth and nothing else and my idea of a peak warm outfit has and always will be me dressing like I work at a full-service Gas Station in North Dakota. From the ankles up, naturally. From the ankles down, i’m dressed like an actual infant.


Similar to Haley, I also woke up not thinking about the fact that an afternoon nap was on the agenda for the day, and yet I still dressed as closely to a duvet burrito as society allows. I’ve been wearing some variation of this outfit a lot the past couple of weeks, mainly because it is the season of hibernating in theaters and museums, and this outfit is the perfect combo of looking sharp enough (“let’s show a lil respect for that which we are about to observe,” I say to myself in the mirror) and totally mobile and comfortable enough that the fussiness of my outfit would never keep me from adding in another stop before I go home. (You can’t really see them, but the socks are a neutral tie dye that I think keeps the whole from being straight-up sensible.)


I test drove this outfit over the weekend in Williamsburg and no one did a double take, so needless to say it got the old “green light is go!” A Canadian tuxedo (layered over a Paloma Wool shirt and heattech) is true to my personal brand, as is this giant blazer that a few men I have known biblically have called “unflattering” a.k.a. CHIC. I love how starchy this outfit is. I feel like a western robocop. You might notice, too, that I have a Stacy London grey streak in my hair, which first appeared when I was 9 years old and I cried for three days straight. Now I kind of like whenever she makes an appearance.


Here we are, my inaugural office apropos, it’s -6°C and I’m wearing a bunch of clothes I’ve had forever. I’ve worn this coat every winter for the past 10 years. Found deeply discounted in the basement of Barney’s warehouse sale (RIP), back when you could make the pilgrimage to West 17th Street and shop with a clear plastic trash bag as your basket. The coat was Look #1 in Phoebe Philo’s first Fall Collection and I was thrilled to find such a marked-down treasure amongst the semi-naked shoppers. I still haven’t found a warmer coat, so every year I pull this one back out, and although it’s lost some of its Celine runway crispness, it’s stood the test of time.

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