Office Apropos: Is #CucumberSpear the New #StickofButter?

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Welcome to Office Apropos Winter 2020! It’s the first Office Apropos of the decade and the second in our new publishing format, in which we share the outfits we wore to work one day at a time. Below are six outfits we wore to work on a chilly Wednesday.

And, great news! If you want to see what everyone below wore last Tuesday, you can see right here! And if you want to know what everyone else in the office is wearing at the moment, dig into the Office Apropos archives.


I awoke in a khaki state of mind and decided to see that through. I wish I’d straightened the cuffs on these for the pic, they’re a little rumpled and I would like the camera to lie about how I look! Anyway, I’d originally paired these with sneakers for a half-dressed energy, but it was feeling forced so I swapped them for loafers and introduced casualness via sweatshirt instead. A delicate science. HOW DO WE FEEL ABOUT THE SCARF? Was just telling Mallory I rediscovered all my scarves over the weekend and remembered they serve a utilitarian purpose beyond “a pop of color,” which I’m opposed to on moral grounds. I wore this to meet my friend for dinner at Lovely Day. She didn’t say anything about my outfit…


Another day of neglecting to wear any pre-conceived outfit. I was going to wear this jacket—the star of the show here, designed by the talented Elizabeth Kuzyk—with a pair of The Row pants I scored on The RealReal but decided they were a bit too light-weight for this hideous mid-January chill. So I went with these stirrup leggings instead. This was my first mistake. The leggings were absolutely fine for me to wear two weeks ago when it was ~10 degrees warmer, not absurdly windy, and I didn’t have 4 press appointments in different corners of the city. Today however, the wind combined with the low temperatures made me feel like I was literally naked. Mistake two was the clogs. These Wal & Pai guys are super comfortable and actually one of my favorite pairs of shoes. But backless clogs should be worn without socks (a rule of mine) and no socks means my ankles froze. While shuffling up Park Avenue to an appointment I actually heard myself wince. (Styling note: wrapping stirrups around clogs is actually a great trick to keep them on, but these don’t have high enough of a platform to keep the strap of the stirrup from touching the street, so I couldn’t.) Those were my two winter dressing fails of the day.


Guys, I dunno. I’m losing steam in the sartorial department because it’s so goddamn cold. So when that happens, I just lean into cute coats and lots of colors, as evidenced by this candy bar of a coat and cotton candy dream of a hat. CC: my socks and BCC: my favorite Crocs of all time.


Oooook, sliding into Day 2 with yet another outfit that feels like being in bed. The first time I took this (v soft) Lou & Grey set out for a spin (it’s two pieces though it looks like a jumpsuit here) I wore it sans jacket and I definitely like it more with a little topper. That said, I am a real brat about trying to fit jackets under coats (just… who I am!), so I think I’ll probably lounge around my apartment in this set till spring comes back around during which time I will be more than pleased to pair it with something, anything, lavender.


I was so inspired by the buttery looks at Jacquemus’ Winter 2020 show that I felt compelled to fall in line today. All the pieces I’m wearing individually are kind of meh to me, but when they come together I feel like they made some music(ish). I should say, though, two fun facts: 1.) I got this Prada coat at United Apparel Liquidators in New Orleans for $300 whilst on a trip for a friend’s birthday (lol). It may be the best purchase I’ve ever made in my entire life. It’s unreal how good and sharp and universal it is. You MUST GO if you find yourself in NOLA. 2.) Adidas doesn’t do custom sneakers on their website anymore, but I came home one night probably two years ago after a night ~out~ with friends and immediately dialed up to design this questionable custom Adidas sneaker. Dove grey and beige and black? Mcscuse me? I remember when they arrived I was like…. wow, drunk Amalie has questionable taste–a fact I knew in my heart always, but confirmed. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. This time they worked.


Less #StickOfButter, more #StickofCelery or #CucumberSpear. This outfit was born from a personal obsession with dark green at the beginning of fall. Color filters were applied to feeds of clothing from eBay, The RealReal and Net-a-Porter until a small assortment of green things was amassed. In the process, things skewed a little more “military” than I had intended. But in the immortal words of Kermit the Frog, It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green.

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