Office Apropos: 6 Outfits to Get You Through “Bad Winter”

Office Apropos

Welcome to Office Apropos Winter 2020! It’s the first Office Apropos of the decade and the second in our new publishing format, in which we share the outfits we wore to work one day at a time. Below are six outfits we wore to work on January Thursday.

And, great news! If you want to see what everyone below wore on the day before this, you can see right here! And if you want to know what everyone else in the office is wearing at the moment, take a scroll through the Office Apropos archives.


I felt kind of uninspired this morning, which is why I went for the standard outfit formula of sneakers, jeans, sweater, and a coat, all in neutral colors. Does my leering stance make you feel safe? I’m sorry if not, but if you must know the other options looked worse! A comment on this sweater: I love it because it’s cropped. I used to think cropped sweaters were for Coachella Pinterest boards but I’ve done a 180 on them this winter. If they’re only cropped a little, they hang so much nicer with high-waisted pants and thus don’t require a tuck. It’s solved all my problems! Am I the last person to realize this? Bully me in the comments if so.


My winter footwear journey was such a failure the past two days I decided to just go full chunky boot. I was inspired by this photo of Reese Blutstein where she wore oversized jeans, an oversized blazer, and chunky shoes. While my outfit wound up nothing like hers, I am proud to say I actually wore an outfit I had written down in the notes section on my phone. I happened to shoot a winter boots story today and, by the way, these Clergerie ones are great. Their lug sole keeps traction and I love that they’re winter white as opposed to the typical black, brown, or grey. I got this statement pink moire blazer from a recent Rachel Comey sample sale but it happens to also be available at Saks Off 5th, too.


My shirt is actually a one-piece wonder suit and if you saw my less than tasteful Instastory from Man Repeller’s bathroom on this day, then you are aware of it’s game-changing butt flap! Said cute lil but flap means you can unstick the velcro and do your business without having to literally strip all the way down, just because you decided to be extra warm. Okay, I’m currently dying of pre-embarrassment from telling you all this story. I gotta go. byeeeeeee


Last week, Leandra mentioned that our styles combined would be something like “90s skater girl has dinner at her grandma’s house” and I think this outfit tows that line pretty faithfully. Fun fact about the pants: They’re a vintage Marni style that languished in my closet for a while because of a bit of a weird length/flare situation at the bottom, so I had them cropped using Saoirse Ronan’s wardrobe in Lady Bird as vague inspiration. Now I love them and wear them all the time. (This has been a “tailor your ill-fitting pants to be good-fitting pants” service announcement.)


I actually really like this outfit because it combines the two sides of my style identity: the first being a colorful dork-prep, the second being an edgy horse-girl. I think it mashed those two together in a weird way, but what am I if not a weird mash? Like pea mash or turnip mash. That’s me.


This jacket’s huge pockets are a primary source of joy because they mostly eliminate the need for a bag–yet here I am armed with a purse. Candidly, the bag addition was inspired mostly by my new coworkers’ collective accessory game and the slight worry that a one-garment look might feel out of place in the grand universe that is Office Apropos.

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