Office Apropos: The Difference Between Dressing for Yourself and Dressing for Your Coworkers


Welcome to Office Apropos Winter 2020! It’s the first Office Apropos of the decade and the second in our new publishing format, in which we share the outfits we wore to work one day at a time. Below are six outfits we wore to work on a Friday.

And, great news! If you want to see what everyone below wore that Thursday, you can see right here! And if you want to know what everyone else in the office is wearing at the moment, scroll through the Office Apropos archives.


Lemaire trousers from a sample sale, Donni scarf, Grenson boots, Floyd hat, borrowed sweatshirt -- another here Lemaire trousers from a sample sale, Donni scarf, Grenson boots, Floyd hat, borrowed sweatshirt -- another here

Hello good morning how are you? I woke up wanting to wear these trousers even though it’s Friday and I’m getting off early to get a facial (a Christmas gift!), neither of which have anything to do with wearing nice pants. But I decided to do it anyway and just pare them back with utilitarian boots and Avi’s big brown sweatshirt, which I usually just wear around the house like a comfort object. The scarf and hat felt appropriately schlubby too. Not sure anyone’s looking for a hack for making trousers look like sweats, but I do believe that’s what I’ve achieved here.


I went home last night with a terrible case of nausea and I still don’t feel like myself today. I guess I haven’t really felt like myself all week, but now I just don’t feel physically great either. It could be because I’m going away for my birthday next week and have travel anxiety and FOMO about being out of the office like the nerd I am. Anyway, this outfit was created from the desire for baggy pants again and to wear this cool shirt I got from Wolf & Badger with the humungo cuffs. I guess the lack of thought or inspiration that went into what I’m wearing kind of bums me out and makes me feel unlike myself and self-conscious. I kind of don’t want to be seen at all today! I’m just in one of those moods. So when I got to work and my co-workers complimented my outfit, I was taken aback. Flattered! But very surprised! It really made me think about the difference between dressing for yourself (the outfits you feel good in and proud of) and dressing for others (the outfits that you get complimented on or a lot of “likes”). But it could just be that my coworkers are shocked when I wear jeans.


I’ve never been much of a bellbottom wearer BUT these ones from a brand called Needles were calling to me from the inside of a Barney’s Outlet in Ft. Lauderdale. I’m glad I listened to the scream, because they’ve quickly become my fave pants. These are my “I wanna look cool but have zero patience for finding a full outfit” pants. I’m also LIVING in this Urban outfitters coat. Eliz found it for me after I was whining about wanting the Isabel Marant flannel and this is an even better dupe!


I hate skirts. I really hate them. I think they always make me feel like a girly girl and they never fit my proportions right. The waist is always too big and the hips are too narrow and it’s all because of my SHORT TORSO. Anyway. This skirt bugs me for that reason, but I like it so much that I put aside my skirt-prejudice and wore it. Why? Because I feel like a poncey pony trotting through the streets of New York. Just give me a sugar cube already.


The hero of this outfit is the Sonia Rykiel “Demi Pull”: a trompe l’oeil that moonlights as a half-sweater but is in fact a knitted cape designed exclusively for tying around your waist or neck. At first glance, it’s a completely useless garment, but over time it’s proven to be an MVP in my wardrobe, ready to dress up an outfit with a certain je ne sais quoi that only a Parisienne could have conceived. The tag in the back reads “Rykiel Forever,” but sadly the 50-year-old House of Rykiel went into liquidation last year. Wearing it reminds me that Sonia Rykiel may be gone, but the brand and its founder’s legacy will never be forgotten.

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