Oh Boy Episode 40: Aidy Bryant

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Aidy Bryant isn’t just living her best life, she is living everyone’s best life. The Phoenix, Arizona-raised comedian began doing teen improv groups at 15 years old. She went to college in Chicago for its improv scene, attending theater school by day and doing improv by night (like some sort of non-masked superhero of comedy!). Bryant was asked to join the iO Theater’s all-women ensemble, Virgin Daiquiri — which was like being asked by the coolest kids to sit at their lunch table, only they weren’t just cool, they were hilarious — and from there she got hired at Saturday Night Live. At age 25. Who does that happen to??

Someone who works insanely hard, is insanely funny and manages to keep her head on her shoulders after Louis C.K. comes up to her after a table read and tells her she’s insanely funny.

She’s now on her fifth season of SNL and was chosen by Louis C.K. to act in his web series, Horace and Pete. (Aidy superfans can also enjoy a short film she co-wrote, named Darby Forever, that’s available to watch on Vimeo.)

You know what she told Oh Boy host Jay Buim about all of this? The most rewarding part has been the friendships.

Say “aww” and plug your headphones in.


Follow Aidy on Twitter @aidybrant! Follow host Jay Buim on Instagram @beardwizard and check out his website, too. Logo by Kelly Shami; illustration by Amber Vittoria

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Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

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