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Watch: Leandra, Two Deejays and a Producer Discuss Working in Male-Dominated Fields

In partnership with Olay

The recent conversations around gender disparities in the workforce have focused on a variety of things: pay, mobility, respect. But woven through all of those things is culture. Cultural norms shape professional environments on visible and invisible levels, and shifting that narrative takes time, energy and resistance to the status quo. This is especially true in male- and white-dominated industries, where tradition and legacy still play a huge role in how companies grow and change.

In a four-part series with Olay, Man Repeller will speak with seven different women who work in primarily male-dominated fields to learn more about how that change is happening — and what it’s like to be in the middle of it.

Leandra Medine, Monifa Foluke, Jordyn Simmons and Katy Sherman all pursued careers in male-dominated fields. Although their professional landscapes vastly differ from one another, their perspectives on their career trajectories — Leandra as an entrepreneur, Monifa and Jordyn as deejays, and Katy as a producer in comedy —  share an important similarity: All four women are committed to forging a path for themselves in their chosen industries.

It takes gumption to set goals in direct opposition to the status quo, which is why Man Repeller teamed up with Olay to learn more about the women who are doing it every day. In the above video, hear from Leandra of Man Repeller, Monifa and Jordyn of New York-based DJ collective SISTASPIN, and Katy of Comedy Central about how it feels to color outside the lines and expand into uncharted territory by simply doing their jobs.

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