Open Thread: Who Has the Best Voice in Podcasts?

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I miss the multiplicity of voices I’d encounter while navigating through a typical weekday: morning chatter and high-pitched hijinx of high schoolers on the subway platform, Charlie Pellett telling me to stand clear of the closing doors, elaborate orders from coffee-drinking patrons on line ahead of me at Gasoline Alley, tourists asking for directions, half-sentences overheard as I hustle to work on the sidewalk.

Now, the best way to artificially simulate that vocal cacophony is to steamroll through podcast after podcast. Blame it on the lack of social interaction, but today, for some reason, I must know which podcast host you would date Love Is Blind-style—or for the reality-television-allergic, which you’d date based solely on their voice. Whose gravelly or dulcet tones have the je ne sais quoi that has you clicking “Next Episode,” no matter what they’re talking about? And might I suggest six podcasts worth downloading for the timbre of voice alone?

1. How Long Gone

My own chaotic nomination is Chris Black on How Long Gone, a well-cast quarantine podcast in which the two hosts have casual and candid conversations about what’s going on right now, with the help of a smattering of personalities—Jeremy O. Harris, Alison Roman, and Entireworld’s Scott Sternberg among them.

2. Press Box

Mallory respectfully casts her vote for Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker, the two hosts of The Ringer’s Press Box podcast, which covers the biggest media stories of the moment.

3. Keep It!

Ira Madison III’s timbre is unmatched. You can hear it on Keep It!, which does a broad sweep of what’s going on in pop culture and how it relates to politics every Wednesday.

4. Time Crisis

If you like hearing Vampire Weekend hit the high notes, then listening to VW frontman Ezra Koenig and painter Jake Longstreth on Time Crisis—a biweekly dissection of pop culture and music—is another logical place to invest that enthusiasm. I believe Time Crisis has single-handedly converted hordes of people with ears into Apple Music subscribers.

5. This American Life

We are of course using the term “podcast” loosely here, as Amalie stands by a classic and submits Ira Glass and This American Life, qualifying that she also “knows what he looks like so, bias.”

6. Redundancy Radio

If you’re in the market for a British accent or a compact series of interviews with creative people discussing their careers—or both!—look no further than Redundancy Radio. Liv Siddall has a voice for radio, and the show has a superb graphic identity that’ll make you wistful for Schoolhouse Rock!

Now, back to the matter at hand: Which podcast host would you date Love Is Blind-style?

Photo via Getty Images.

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